Win this Dress

Okay, so I received this beautiful dress as a gift when I was pregnant.  The retailer is all fancy-like and some place where I would nevuh evuh shop.  I remember looking it up last year and it was priced at $120.  Ca-ra-zy!

I saved the dress for Easter and Easter pics.  Baby wore it for maybe 30 minutes whilst getting the pics taken and then maybe another two hours when we went to church.

I thought it would be fun to have a contest to win the dress.  I could just give it away, but then I wouldn’t have something to write about tonight, ya dig?

The dress is size 12 months and is a lovely special occasion dress.

If you would like to win this dress, leave ONE comment.  I will randomly select a winner on Friday at Noon.

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5 Responses to Win this Dress

  1. Lori F says:

    Alright, I’m in! Katie is just now transitioning to 12 mo sizes and I’m not sure where or why we’d wear it. Maybe, like you, we’ll just get one year pics in it! However, within my family, Katie is the oldest of four baby girls, so I can at least guarantee a long, useful life for that dress!

  2. angelita says:

    I went to the site you linked and the dresses were really expensive.l’d love it for my baby. Ava is one month but she wears 3 month sizes. She would have to grow to it.

  3. najalimu says:

    Baby Naj would absolutely LOVE this dress! When she wears extra fancy dresses, she touches them gingerly. . .I imagine admiring the feel of the fabric AND she is typically on her best BEST behavior 🙂 We will be spending the summer in GA, attending many fancy shindigs so she will take good care and get plenty of wear out of this dress!

  4. doahleigh says:

    Can I enter to win the dress for my niece? She’s just over 9 months right now.

  5. Dark&Lovely says:

    I’m just sayin…my baby girl will be almost exactly 12 months next Easter. Who knows if she’ll be a chunkster like I was as a baby and fitting in 18 months clothes in just one year, but if she could fit it, wouldn’t she be lovely?

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