Let’s Get Loud

I woke up with morning after a very rough night with baby.  I knew I needed to stay in my corner and work because I was feeling kinda snappy and was not in the mood for any shenanigans.  I got to work and told my peeps I should probably skip the team meeting because the Misfits were likely to get a lashing.

Fast forward 4 hours, I’m sitting in the meeting and making an announcement about some stuff.  I hear two of the Misfits mumbling about they didn’t do XYZ because they weren’t included in the planning and knew nothing about it.

My head snapped around like poltergeist and I got loud.

“Yes you did.  You have been included in EVERY meeting and I have reiterated this process no less than 15 times!”

I’m sure I said more than that.  My boss pretended like I didn’t even speak and kept on with the meeting.  One of them tried to get snappy back with me and I shut.that.shit.down.

Why are these Misfits trying to play me?  I might smile and sashay around here like I’m all happy go lucky, but trust and believe how serious I am about my cash money and these chicks are not going cause me to fail.

Please don’t trifle with me.  Just don’t.

Now I must spend the rest of the afternoon listening to gangsta rap in order to calm down.

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11 Responses to Let’s Get Loud

  1. cbean says:

    Gangsta rap to calm down?? Dang girl, you must have really ripped the misfits a new one.

  2. CreolePeach says:

    Welcome to my world girl! I’m dealing with a fool now that has an attitude because the analysis and report I had to do on her productivity put her in a bad light. Dumb ass even stayed on a personal call for almost an hour while I observed her. Da hell?? And that went in my report. It’s my job and ain’t nobody gonna pay my mortgage if I don’t do my job. ….. And I do the same thing. I get so gangsta when I’m trying to calm down. My favorite is Watch What You Say to Me by T.I. I put it on repeat and rock on it.

  3. Solo Cruise says:

    It’s not at all funny that you’re in a bad mood but I laughed at bit at the thought of gangsta rap to calm down. Sounds like me listening to Luda’s Move Get Out The Way in traffic. Feel better.

  4. innerdiva says:

    Wow. When I get angry, I listen to this crazy rock song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.” It sounds absolutely psycho and freaks people out, but it calms me.

    • jamie says:

      DMX-lose my mind up in here, or old school rock in roll Nazareth- Hair of the dog (Now you’re messin’ with a sun of a B%tch) are my favorites.

  5. CaliSlim says:

    Er…wow… let me know when you can take a half day off. Put the baby in daycare and we’ll do a spa day and get some lunch. Then you can hit the house and get some good solid sleep!

    I’m glad your boss was on your side, that could have gone badly. 😆

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