An Apple for the Teacher

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Who knew such a thing existed?  I appreciate the teachers year round.  On their birthdays they get a card with a gift card to Chick-Fila, at Christmas I provided a pizza party and I’ve shown up with donuts in the past as well.  I truly appreciate them.

So why, when the receptionist informed me that I needed to bring in something for the appreciation breakfast did I totally catch an attitude?  I felt very put off being told what to do!  Chalk it off to lack of sleep and too many misfits, I guess.  Don’t worry.  I’m back on board today.

I love Regan’s teachers.  They totally put up with my angst.  They don’t mind when I call in the middle of the day and check on her flatulence.  They follow my instruction on what she can and cannot eat especially after I to check them that one time.  (I mean really, why are they feeding toddlers cinnamon toast crunch?!?)

Monday I’ll take in my breakfast item, and I already wrote the notes of appreciation that was requested of me.  Do you think I should do anything else?  I was thinking I’d do little bouquets of flowers or maybe a little bath product basket or something.  Is that too much?

Are you doing anything for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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11 Responses to An Apple for the Teacher

  1. keyalus says:

    I was just thinking about this recently because I wasn’t aware of it either. It must be a national thing but it certainly is poor timing! Mother’s Day is next week and I’ve already received two graduation notices (re: monetary gifts required) from my younger cousins. My little disposable income for the month has already been eaten up by gifts – I hate that!

    They have a list of things each teacher likes (and doesn’t like!) available and little papers for us to leave them a nice note. I’m just going to pick something from their lists. There is a huge range listed from favorite drinks to fresh fruit or flowers to restaurants. There is no expectation that you have to spend a lot of money but still…

    I bought gifts for Christmas (movie tickets & homemade cake balls) and I bring stuff for the class parties/holidays that seem to pop up every month. I really appreciate all they do – I just wish it wasn’t this month!

  2. BK says:

    I’m aware.. I only do things for teachers that actually put for the effort. this year for my son only his math & language arts teachers will get a personalized gift. the others can kick rocks.. oh wait.. no his band teacher also will get something. the others including the administrators can kick rocks. it gets to be very different when your children are older and they go to “regular” school. Last year I purchased an edible arrangement for the TAG staff because he was there from K-6 and touched a few different teachers. My daughter who is in HS we are giving something to her ap chem & ap bio teachers..

  3. Jack says:

    so let me understand this, you have to give “gifts” for a service that you pay good money for? Nice scam!

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    I did all that stuff when she was in preschool.

    Now I’m sticking to two gifts a year – Christmas and end-of-the year. I guess I need to get down on it, school gets out in a month, and I’m going to forget a few times between now and then.

  5. K. Rock says:

    I want to do something for the teachers at my daughter’s school. I just dont know what yet. I have a couple of days to figure it out. I dont give gifts any other time of the year so I need to chip in.

    With my husband being a teacher now, I do have a new found respect for the craft. And I do really appreciate what they do and how hard it can be.

  6. Kera says:


    As a Kindergarten teacher in my 10th year, I must say that kind words and appreciation of my hard work go along way. I do not expect gifts from families, but cherish the thought if I do receive one. Teacher morale is quite low given all we see/hear in the media, so teachers these days are happy to receive a simple “thank you” or “you’re doing a great job”.

  7. Kera says:

    Shame on the teacher. I made an error-“a long way”. It’s been a long day-sigh!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’m a middle school teacher, and it’s always nice to receive something that says “thanks for putting up with my crap. I really appreciate all the things you did for me that were behind the scenes and in class.” When I worked in a lower income area, I received socks with bells on them and potpourri… The kids were so proud to give them to me, and I thought they were the sweetest gifts ever! Now, I get Starbucks cards and several kids got me gifts from my baby registry…. Those were welcomed gifts too.

    • Stephanie says:

      And I’m totally gonna go out my way for the teachers at my sons daycare!!! I’m actually excited about it! I couldnt thank them enough taking such good care of my most precious possession.

  9. AM says:

    I forgot…thanks for the reminder…have to get my favorite 2nd grade teacher a gift. I don’t think this counts for college profs or HS teachers – does it?!

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