Hair Show Bust

I was so excited to attend the Atlanta Natural Hair Show yesterday.  I woke up early, did my hair, squeezed into slipped on my Original Moxie t-shirt and got the baby all gussied up.  We met up with Disco Diva and we were on our way.

Once we arrived at the convention center, our balloons were slightly deflated.  There were a lot of cars.  Seems like we weren’t the only ones who wanted to beat the crowds by getting there early.

Once we stepped inside the convention center, our balloons were completely popped.  It.was.packed!  Like, packed like you cannot believe.  There was one line that went the entire span of the huge lobby and then back again.  And that line was not moving.  It seems there was only one desk where you could buy a ticket or get your tickets from will call.  We figured that it would take us an hour (and honestly closer to 90 minutes) just to get a ticket.  We both had plans later that afternoon, so there was no way we could stand in line for that long.

For the record, I could have had nothing to do and I still wouldn’t have waited.  The only time I am willing to wait in that kind of line is if Dwayne Johnson is on the other end ready to give me some sweet lip.

I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to attend the hair show.  It actually kind of set the tone for my whole day.  There is nothing like poor planning to take the wind out of your sails.  I really wanted to get some tips on how to style my hair and pick up some cute t-shirts!

On the plus side, I have never in my life seen so many black women in one space.  Never ever.  That was pretty cool.

Did you attend the hair show?  Did you enjoy it?

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7 Responses to Hair Show Bust

  1. sundaze says:

    So disappointing! I got there about 2:30. I wasn’t immediately put off by the crowd because, hey, it’s a convention center, clearly they expected a ton of people to come out right? WRONG. That line in the lobby was just as long then as it was when you were there earlier! I stood there for a couple of minutes to see how fast it was moving and when I didn’t see a single person complete a transaction, I rolled out. I’m so glad none of my girls came from across town as originally planned. The convention center is in my hood so I wasn’t too inconvenienced, but I did want my $5 parking fee back.

  2. Petite Pearl says:

    Wow! Well you hair looks fabulous!!

  3. innerdiva says:

    That’s terrible! Why didn’t they plan better? We went to the car show yesterday, and there were at least 4 terminals to buy tickets.

  4. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    Hey Lady, I did get an opportunity to attend. I got there about 1 PM and it actually took us longer to park than to get inside. We saw the long line, but they had workers that walked right up to the line, one with armbands and one to collect cash only. It took all of 5 minutes. So glad I was winning that day, because Friday night for the Curly Girls Rock event, not so much. I did enjoy the event and would attend again.

  5. K. Rock says:

    I went on Sunday and as I was walking in, a lady offered me her armband. So I went right in. The lines weren’t that bad on Sunday though.

  6. naturallyk says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t get in. Was Original Moxie supposed to be there? I didn’t see them. Did you hear that the fire marshal shut the show down on Saturday around 4:30?

    I went on Sunday and had a nice time. I got more tips from just talking to women walking around than I did from the vendors (who I felt would tell you anything to get you to buy). I liked that there were a lot of new vendors and more free samples than last year. I bought a bunch of stuff but my favorite purchase is a 100% silk sleep bonnet. I also stocked up on Edges (love that stuff).

  7. Sha Boogie says:

    You had me in *tears* on Twitter talking about you was squeezing into that shirt, lol. Ahhh..poo that you didn’t get to attend.

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