Transition Tuesday: The Journey Begins

I was so excited when my products from Original Moxie arrived on Friday.  I sat in bed long after I should have been asleep, reviewing each and every product.  I admit I was a bit overwhelmed.  There were so many choices, I wasn’t sure where to start.

I decided to try a product called Emollience for starters. It smelled heavenly and I liked that I could leave it in overnight for a deep conditioning.  The next morning I woke up and washed with Get Clean Shampoo and followed with Intense Quench conditioner.  I was pleased with the way my hair felt (not dry) and I loved the way it smelled (like I just left the spa).

It was kinda downhill from there.  It was Saturday morning and I was confused about what products to use, so I tried a couple of different things.  I ended up using the Luxe Locks and Shape Shifter, and I think I threw in some Hair Bling for good measure.  The result was way too much product in my hair, which made my hair look crunchy.

On Sunday, I decided on a different plan of attack.  I didn’t wash my hair, as I have heard that shampooing too often can be bad for your hair, so I just rinsed and conditioned.  Once I stepped out of the shower I was careful not to comb or manipulate my hair too much.  I added shape shifter throughout and let it air dry.

I know from experience that my hair does well in hot weather.  So stepping out into the day is just what I needed.  For a wash and wear on transitioning hair, I was pleased with how it turned out.  It seemed textured (i.e., wavy or curly) throughout, felt soft and had lots of fullness.

Here are a couple of pics of the end result:

Overall, I am happy with my first attempt(s) with using the Original Moxie products.  I’ll report back once I have tried using the products with two strand twists.  I think once I get into a groove, this is going to be a fun and exciting journey!

P.S.  If you’d like a chance to try Original Moxie products, pop on over to Naturally Curly for their 31 Days to Fight Frizz Promotion.  On May 8th and May 30th, OM products are up for grabs!

Necessary Legalities: As a participant in the 180 Challenge, Original Moxie has provided me with hair care products in exchange for writing about my experience.  All opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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2 Responses to Transition Tuesday: The Journey Begins

  1. keyalus says:

    Not transitioning but…

    I’m curious about the Hair Bling stuff… I’m currently using Carol’s Daughter’s Kizzy (which seems to be going away) when I brush back my hair into a wet bun after workouts. The description of Hair Bling makes it sound like it might be a good (if not better) replacement. I want a bit of hold with some shine because once my hair dries later in the day I don’t like it to look all “ashy”.

    Please post about how this product works for you when/if you do a bun next!

  2. discodiva73 says:

    I liked the smell of most of the products! And I loved the way your natural hair was curling on Saturday. Am looking forward to hearing more about these products.

    What is your hair type?

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