First Words

I’ve been working on getting Regan to say “momma.”  She has the sweetest little voice when she whispers “hi” and I just know it will set my soul soaring to hear her say “hi momma.”

Over the weekend, she woke up in a particularly good mood.  She smiled at me and giggled and said very happily, “HIYA TEETEE!”


Oh no she di’int!  I was furious! (not really)  You see, TeeTee is one of the teachers at Regan’s school.  I’m glad that Regan likes TeeTee and that TeeTee takes good care of my sweet girl, but I’ll be damned if TeeTee is gonna get all my good morning greetings.

*takes earrings off and breaks out the vaseline*

What were your baby’s first words?  How old were they when they said “momma”?

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20 Responses to First Words

  1. Lori F says:

    Katie says dada regularly albeit rather indiscriminately. I’ve been working for awhile now to get her to say (or even sign) momma. Her signing is hit or miss at best – consistency is not my forte. Anyway, yesterday she finally made the sound Ma!! I was so excited and I proceded with a lot of fanfare to let her know that was good but alas, she never would repeat it 😦 At least I know the sound is in her arsenal now. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time! Good luck!

  2. K says:

    Oh, snap.

    Ezra’s first word was “Uh-oh!” and “baby” then “mama” and “papa”–I’d have to crack out the baby book to see how old he was he said them. Iris has said “mama” and “papa” and “egg” but has since chosen to keep them to herself after first cracking them out.

  3. pserendipity says:

    I don’t even remember what Aidan’s first word was, I just remember it was something wierd, like “meat” or something.

    Anyway, he says Mama enough now to last me a million kajillion years.

  4. amista says:

    I think my kids’ first word was probably dada. It started as a babble, but just turned into Daddy. Mommy came much later, and they all interchangeably called me and their babysitter Ma, Mama, or Amma.

  5. K. Rock says:

    I never considered the first word just something I could make out. I considered it the first word they used in context. One day, my son went into the kitchen and stood by the fridge and made a noise. It took a minute but I figured out he was saying “eat”. I knew he knew what he was saying (unlike the constant repeating of dada when his daddy wasn’t even around) since he had said it by the fridge. So I considered “eat” my son’s first word.

  6. keyalus says:

    Dada was definitely the first word. I can’t remember when it was but it was at an age appropriate time. It took a while before he actually said it in the right context though.

    At 20 months, Lewis still doesn’t regularly say “Mama” unless he is crying or I beg him. Even if he only says “Mama” on demand it still melts my heart everytime and I will give him anything he wants. He knows it too because he has the slickest little smile on his face when he says it. I think he’s not saying it often on purpose to manipulate me LOL.

  7. Sheena says:

    His first words were “da-da”. He didn’t actually start mumbling “ma-ma” till later. Now he won’t hush up. There are questions non-stop. Some have you questioning your intelligence level.

  8. Krissy says:

    Jasmines 1st “word” was “huh?” And she was maybe about 5 months when she would respond “huh?” Everytime someone called her name. At 6 months she started saying ” hi” and waving and saying ” bye bye” and waving. She also tossed in momma around that same time. These days she says “mommieee” so much I wanna change my name some days lol

    • That’s hilarious!!! My nephew is 15 months and when you call his name, he turns and looks at you and says “Huh” just as clearly. Cracks me up.

      He also calls both my mom and dad (grandparents) and my brother (dad) Da-Da!

  9. Deljah says:

    My baby’s first “real” word was “uh oh”. Don’t remember when she first said mama. Once the daycare saw her first steps, I was over being or seeing the very first. I just experienced for the first time in my presence, lol.

  10. ames says:

    My daughter used “bye bye” and my son used “stop” as first words. My son would tell my daughter to stop when she hit or poked him.

    They started limiting their use of mama to my mother and to me at 10 or 11 months.

  11. nineteen69 says:

    Both traitors said “Da Da” first.

  12. onefromphilly says:

    DA-DA. But he called both of us that! LOL

  13. sherri says:

    Jordan Dada –
    Jacob Mama


    Don’t worry, in about 6 months, you’ll wish she knew someone else’s name to call.

    Remember how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
    Ask yourself, how may times can a toddler say your name in a 2 minutes period – Now multiply it by 17 and you are close.

  14. Nerd Girl says:

    Lovegirl has been on a mission to keep us on our toes since she got here – her first word was “dog” – and it was months after she started talking that she decided to acknowledge our presence. She said “daddy” before she said “mama.”

  15. innerdiva says:

    I’ll be darned if his kid says “daddy” first! All the work I’ve done? I hope Miss Sunshine gives you your props soon.

  16. Nicole says:

    My daughter’s first words were actually “Bye, bye, Bye” because I used to sing that song so much. *lol* After that, it was DaDa.

  17. I can’t remember quite when Pookah said Mama for the first time, he rarely uses it even now at 18 months. It’s “Daddy Da Da” all the time. He only says my name when he’s desperate. LOl

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