Transition Tuesday

Last night I finally was able to do a curly twist out using my Original Moxie products.  I did a regular twist out last week, but I just don’t like that look on me.  I feel like I look like a scarecrow with my straight ends.  The curly twist out looks more corporate-friendly, so I was glad to have the time to do it last night.

For this twist out I only used three products: Get Clean, Intense Quench and Lux Locks.  I twisted and then rolled with those bendy rods (not sure what they are called).

Today I am very happy with the results.  My hair is super soft, has a great shine and lots of body.  It also smells wonderful!

I think with me, “less is more” is the key.  My hair doesn’t do well with a bunch of products layered on top of each other.  I’m glad I was able to achieve this look with only a shampoo, conditioner and one styling product. 

Tonight I will retwist my hair before bed.  I just need to figure out what, if any, products I’ll use before bed.

Necessary Legalities: As a participant in the 180 Challenge, Original Moxie has provided me with hair care products in exchange for writing about my experience.  All opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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7 Responses to Transition Tuesday

  1. SimplyB says:

    You hair looks great and that color looks good on you!

    Have you tried a side part and how do you feel about your bang now that you are transitioning?

  2. Serenity23 says:

    The curls look pretty and your hair looks very soft!

  3. K says:

    That is some cute hair! Love it.

  4. Shari says:

    Your hair came out great.. it looks soft, shiny and non-crunchy

    bendy rods… I’ve always heard them called flexi-rods..

  5. Gladys says:

    Yes, flexi rods. Think I’ll purchase some this week. Also, your hair looks very, very nice! Good job!

  6. Sasha says:

    How about I did the same style on my relaxed hair. I love the look! The first day i looked like a 5 year old with candy curls. Day 2 it’s full with body. LOVES IT! Problem is I used a foam to set the curls. My hair feels icky. So less it definitely more! Pass on that foam stuff.

  7. discodiva73 says:

    Looks good! I took my braids out and tried to do something…and was back getting this mess braided again! It was out for 24 hours. Look forward to hearing about your products.

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