Sunday Morning Randoms

I haven’t felt much like writing lately.  Mayhaps because I do all my talking on twitter.  Sorry about that.


I’m feeling particularly well rested this morning.  Baby has slept in her crib two nights in a row from dusk to dawn with NO BOTTLE! Glory AND Hallelujah!


I lowered baby’s crib yesterday.  It was slightly difficult, and I had to break out my tool box, but I got it done in about a half an hour.  Even with a toddler standing over me fussing and pulling my hair.  That’s what mommy’s do!


They key to baby’s heart lies in a 25 cent bottle of bubbles.  She loves bubbles and as soon as I break out the bottle she starts to blow through her lips.  The cutest thing ever!


Yesterday my cable box was out.  I didn’t watch tv all day.  It was nice to just think, but by the end of the day I started getting a little depressed with all my thoughts in my head.  Even my mom commented on it when she called me.  I was so happy when the cable guy showed up.


I have thrown away a lot of stuff recently.  A lot.  Why I was keeping everything I ever owned, I’m not sure.


Years ago, I visited Zoo Atlanta and thought it was totally wack.  Coming from the home of the Jack Hanna zoo, it couldn’t even compare.  I remember stopping and asking where a certain animal was and told they didn’t even have them.  Boo!

Alas, it is the only zoo we have and so I am preparing to take baby.


I have decided that during the day we are not running the AC up in this camp.  I really can’t afford $175 electric bills every month this summer.  We will run it at night so we can sleep comfortably, but during the day we are strictly windows up and fans on.

We’ll see how long we can last.


I think I’ll take baby to brunch today.

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7 Responses to Sunday Morning Randoms

  1. Kita says:

    Cable all day I can’t these kids would drive me mad. I don’t turn on my air at night it’s the coolest I let the windows up. My light bill this mont was 85 dollars and thats for a house. I only turn my air on if company is coming over I am so glad we live near trees. Glad the baby slept all night.

  2. kokoesquire says:

    What’s your twitter?

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    Sounds like you need thermostat that can be programmed. Then you can set it higher during the day and have it cool down around the time you get home. It saves us quite a bit and is better than turning your unit off and on all the time.

  4. keyalus says:

    Maybe your new windows will cause a small reduction in your bill this summer?

  5. justJENN says:

    Where are you on twitter?? Find me! @justjenndesigns

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