School of Hard Knocks

Last week I was picking up baby and her teacher handed me her bottle and her pacifier and said, “don’t bring these back.  We’re not giving them to her anymore.”

“What!? But…but…how will she eat?  How on earth will she liiiiiiivvvvveeeee?!?!?!?”

*dramatic spin with flourish of hands and pass out on the floor*

Okay, not really.  I think my response was more like, “cool.”

You see, if they don’t mind dealing with a fussy, crying baby then more power to them.  Get that baby off that bottle!  Refuse to give her a pacifier even if she begs! Hard knocks, baby!

And sure enough, she has survived.  The first day she didn’t drink a lot of milk, but on the second day she realized the only way she was going to get it was through the cup so now my baby drinks from a cup like a champ.  I thought I’d still need bottles at home to make sure she was getting her daily requirements but that, too, only lasted a day.  The hard knocks was in effect at home too.  And yesterday I actually tossed all but three of her bottles and tossed the bottle drying rack.  I’ll keep the bottles for a few more weeks in case she gets sick or we travel or whatnot.  But those mamma jammas will be tossed in another month.  Viva la liberacion!

The pacifier situation is a little different.  I can’t just go cold turkey with that one.  I don’t think her mind is developed enough.  She’s like pookie trying to get a hit.  The first day I picked her up she was crying.  Not just crying but screaming.  I brought her home where she continued screaming for another 30 minutes.  That coupled with the shaking and throwing of objects (hell, she wouldn’t even let me hold her) and I decided that I would wean her off of it at home.    Elegance is learned, my friends.

So I give the paci for about a half an hour in the evenings.  Then we have dinner, play, bath, jammies and brush our (two) teeth.  Then I give her the paci back and let her know she can have it because it’s bedtime.  In the morning I take it from her and tell her she doesn’t need it.

I’m planning to do this for another week and gradually start giving it to her less and less.  Yes, she still cries for it during the day, but I just have to deal with that.  I really want her off of the paci by her birthday.

I know I might seem like I complain about daycare, but the truth is, it is a single mother’s best friend.  They are truly helping me with all the hard stuff.  When I am at work earning money to support her, they have taught her to eat with her hands, wave hello, drink from a cup and so much more.  By the end of the summer they have promised me that she will be eating with a spoon!  In a addition, she is friendly and sociable and can sleep through a rock concert.

So even though it kills me every single month to hand over the equivalent of my mortgage payment, the school of hard knocks is alright with me.

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9 Responses to School of Hard Knocks

  1. Petite Pearl says:

    I agree, those daycare ladies GET.IT.DONE. My son does everything so much better if I have them also work with him on it at school. So Baby has 2 teeth? How cute. How about my son has 7 teeth!! Yeah, that’s crazy right. People always ask if he’s gotten any teeth yet and I laugh. LOL.

  2. Krissy says:

    I thought about weening jasmine off her bink completely but I changed my mind. Now I give it to her naptimes and bedtimes. It helps sooth her to sleep along with her blankie and I’m all for that. At least for a few more months. The better she talks the less she’ll need or want it. She’s getting there all on her own.

  3. Ms. Smart says:

    I learn a lot here! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  4. kim says:

    If it’s working that’s great. I know that would have been a issue for me with my last two. They kept their “pappy” until they were a little over 2. I actually thought about changing pediatricians because he kept harping on it. The cup I wouldn’t mind. At 16 and 22 they are fine. My twins who I did follow the “book” with at 26 are normal. It’s all about what works for your family.

  5. Sha Boogie says:

    My daycare did the same thing *sigh* but I still give baby boogie a bottle in the morning and at night. because.. well.. I know he likes it.. *les sigh*.. #badmommy lol

  6. Sasha says:

    I’m so happy you’re open to taking the bottle and pacifier away before one years old. I’m a nutritionist for WIC (Nutrition supplemental program) and the moms I counsel think it is fine for a one year old to still use both things. They are not! If they can walk, hold a bottle and cup, and throw it then it’s time to take it away.

  7. Sasha says:

    Also, after one years old it’s HELL taking the things away! The toddler is smart and knows what to do to get them.

  8. K says:

    (Son of a biscuit. For whatever reason, your posts disappeared from my Reader so here I am catching up…)

    Yeah, the bottles and pacis. Thank the sweet lord for daycare otherwise Ezra would be a hot mess. Of course, he still uses a paci at home (please don’t judge) but it’s crib use only. Soon we’ll cut it out. Soon. (??!)

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