How many GB is your iPod?

When eating a meal with two entrees (like surf and turf) do you eat the one you like the least or the most first?

Under what circumstances would you date a man who was behind on his child support?

Bacon- turkey or swine?

What’s the last good movie you saw?

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30 Responses to Questions

  1. K. Rock says:

    I have a 16 gb ipod touch.

    I try to eat everything a little at a time so I can finish with both at the same time.

    Ummm…I have no idea.

    Actually beef bacon is my favorite. Turkey comes in second by default. I dont eat pork.

    I just saw Black Swan and I thought that was pretty good.

  2. Mick says:

    8 GB Nano…I would like a larger sized classic.

    I am going to eat the one that tastes best when hot. Surf and turf? Always the surf first.

    The only circumstance is if I didn’t know he was behind.

    Swine…Center cut.

    I liked Bridesmaids.

  3. CaliSlim says:

    60 GB

    Uh, don’t really think about it. I guess save the best for last since I don’t like my food extra hot anyway.

    I don’t tend to date men with kids. But if I did, I probably wouldn’t know he was behind until we started to get serious…then I would… you know what, this is why I don’t get serious with men with kids. 😆

    Either is good with me.

    The last movie I saw was Jumping the Broom, it was decent.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have an old 4GB ipod

    If I’m eating surf & turf, I eat the surf first

    The only way I’d date a man that was behind on his child support is if he had endured a terrible hardship like extensive unemployment or illness and was now on the road to recovery. But even then, I would need to know how he communicated this to his child’s mother and if he made any effort to pay anything at all.

    If I eat bacon, it must be of the swine variety.


  5. Camille says:

    Classic 160 GB

    I just eat until I am full

    No I would not because I know what it feels like when the deadbeats owe you money

    Both Turkey and pork

    Justin Bieber (I know)

  6. cbean says:

    Don’t have one.
    Eat the surf first. I am not a turf person so I would not be in a rush to devour.
    I’m with Lisa. It depends on the circumstances leading up to his behind status and what has he done in the interim. Child support is not always about money being exchanged.
    Turkey bacon.
    The Book of Eli. Yeah, I don’t get to the movies that often. LOL.

  7. Krissy says:


    Never eaten at a surf n turf

    Id need to know his reason for being behind. My current honey was behind a payment when he was laid off.

    I don’t dig on swine at all

    I watched “Easy A” it was very cute. I liked it.

  8. MrsTDJ says:

    32 G iPod touch
    Eat a little of both, then focus on the one that won’t reheat as well as leftovers for the next day.
    Don’t know specifically, but I would want to know the complete picture. I like Lisa’s answer.
    Absolutely nothing other than PORK BACON! Pork bacon is KING!!
    I haven’t watched a really good movie in awhile.

  9. Jack Ray says:

    I don’t have one, I use my android.

    If it’s surf and turf I eat the seafood first because unless I’m eating sushi I like my fish hot.

    I WOULDN’T:)

    Turkey Bacon is just wrong, it doesn’t even taste like bacon!

    Guy Movie: The Mechanic
    Chick Flick: Rabbit Hole(don’t recommend unless you want to cry)(especially to mothers)

  10. Gladys says:

    Can’t remember. It’s a Nano…got it in 2006.
    I eat both together. A bite of this…a bite of that.
    Hmm…not sure. I probably wouldn’t date him, though. I’d feel guilty. He’s spending money on me when he should be spending it on his child.
    Bridesmaids! Funny as hell!

  11. Tarsha R says:

    Not sure…I use my Droid phone for music…

    The one I like most first

    Not sure that I would…I would have to know the big picture

    I like that “poke”

    Oh yeah Easy A was a cute movie. Been catching up on TV/Pay cable series lately #Net.FlixIsAwesome

  12. naturallyk says:

    No iPod
    I eat the one I like the least first.
    I would not date a man behind on his child support unless he had a lapse in employment.
    swine! oink! oink!
    Bridesmaids. It was hilarious!

  13. Nerd Girl says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal with two entrees. I’d probably alternate bites.
    Once I found out, I wouldn’t.
    Gobble gobble!
    The Bourne Identity.

  14. How many GB is your iPod?

    I think my shuffle is 2GB or maybe 4. I only use it to work out and that aint been happening lately.

    When eating a meal with two entrees (like surf and turf) do you eat the one you like the least or the most first? I eat them equally.

    Under what circumstances would you date a man who was behind on his child support? I wouldn’t date a man behind on his child support. If he was unemployed, he’d be in the friend zone until he got back on track.

    Bacon- turkey or swine? I don’t eat pork at all.

    What’s the last good movie you saw? Bridesmaids was funny.

  15. sherri says:

    DOn’t have an Ipod
    Eat then at the same time. Or try to keep what I like best as the last bite
    I would never date a man behind on his c/s. I don’t need to know any reasons why. Reasons are just excuses for excepting bad behavior. He lost his job? Then his full time job needs to be finding a job to support his kids. Pick up cans. Sell blood. Work at McDonalds. Whatever. Support means $$. Kids can eat your good intentions. If he doesn’t have money to catch up on his support payments, then he certainly doesn’t have enough money to court me!

    Swine first, then turkey.

  16. SimplyB says:

    All I have is a lil shuffle so 2GB.

    I always try to save the best for last.

    Right now all I’m seeing is under what circumstances would you date a man…..j/k Only if it just not possible to pay (at the moment), he has communicated this with the mother, and they are both in agreement.


    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  17. mzinspiredmind says:


    The one I like least goes first.

    I’d have to know the full story on why he was behind.


    Jumping the Broom

  18. amyg says:

    old school ipod…not sure how many gigs and 16 gb ipad

    I would save the best for last



    bridesmaids – one of my new favorite movies 🙂 It was HILARIOUS!

  19. This One Woman says:

    How many GB is your iPod?

    I have no clue. I don’t even know where my iPod is. I listen to my tunes on my iPhone.

    When eating a meal with two entrees (like surf and turf) do you eat the one you like the least or the most first?

    I go back and forth eating them but my last bite must be the one I liked most.

    Under what circumstances would you date a man who was behind on his child support?

    Under no circumstances. Those jokers like to keep that a secret. But when I find out, I’m gone.
    Bacon- turkey or swine?

    Swine. The only pork I eat. A guilty pleasure. 🙂

    What’s the last good movie you saw?

    It seems that I see mostly kid movies these day. We saw Rango… *tumbleweed blows by* It was that boring.

  20. Cyn says:

    How many GB is your iPod? Not sure 32GB Iphone and an ancient 4GB nano.

    When eating a meal with two entrees (like surf and turf) do you eat the one you like the least or the most first? I guess I alternate bites unless one is really good and then I’d probably eat that all first or try to save it for last.

    Under what circumstances would you date a man who was behind on his child support? If he was an otherwise awesome guy and actively involved with his kids I guess I could date him if he had a financial hardship like unemployment or illness that wasn’t his fault.

    Bacon- turkey or swine? Yes ma’am. Pork or Beef and then turkey.

    What’s the last good movie you saw? Thor, that was one FINE white boy.

  21. sundaze says:

    Don’t have one. My mp3 player is 4GB.
    Eat them at the same time, alternating bites.
    He’d have to be a liar. The only way this could happen is if I didn’t know he was behind.
    Stop playin’. Pork.
    I saw Thor last weekend. It was pretty good.

  22. Jameil says:

    I think 8. I don’t need that much music.
    I don’t like surf and turf so I’ll probably eat the surf and give the turf to Rashan.
    I KNOW he’s behind? 0. If you can’t take care of your child, you don’t have your priorities and you certainly can’t take me out to eat. And I need food. And I can’t be feeding you.
    Turkey bacon is an abomination.

  23. Twana says:

    My poor iPod is no longer in service but it was an old iPods mini with I think 8 gb now I use my android.
    I eat a little of this a little of that, kinda mix it up.
    Depends on the reason that he was behind. And if it’s a good reason…i would expect him to do what he could when he could I
    Until he gets his situation sorted out.
    Turkey…… But I sneak in a little pork now and then shhhhhhh….
    Jumping the broom,plan to see bridesmaids soon.

  24. kimmy says:

    8GB iphone
    Married now but pre-marriage, I purposely did not date men with kids. I knew that I did not want to be anyone’s stepmother.
    Jumping the Broom

  25. jamie says:

    no i pod, I rock a 1987 Walkman cassette player, my daughter thinks it so cool and retro, truth be told I don’t know how to download music anyway
    Wouldn’t date a man under any circumstances, well there was that one time in college…. but tequila was involved so it doesn’t count and it was just a phase anyway.
    Its not bacon unless it’s swine.
    Captain Ron on VHS, no DVD player, but that’s another story.

  26. I have a 1st generation Nano. No idea how many GB. It only holds about 300 songs.

    I eat what I like the least first and save the best for last.

    I would never knowingly date a deadbeat dad.

    What the fugg is turkey bacon? Swine is always fine!

    Jumping the Broom.

  27. Deljah says:

    5th gen nano, 16G

    Not a surf and turf person. It’s either or for me.

    Wouldn’t knowingly date a deadbeat.

    I eat pork bacon. I can eat turkey, but it’s not a fave. I “agreed” w/hubby to give up pork and beef, so now I only eat bacon by sneaking it sometimes when we’re not together. Not eating it around him is like not eating it, right? lol

    Just watched The Hangover (part 1) on demand.

  28. Sheena says:

    160GB Classic

    The most

    He’s not date-able at all. That also means his finances could very well be jacked up


    Whatever is in my Que on Netflix

  29. Honest says:

    120 Gig classic
    I would eat surf and turf at the same time. one bite of each.
    Not dating a man behind on his child support. Manage your finances bruh.
    Bacon – Swine all the way!
    The king’s speech.

  30. Solo Cruise says:

    Still rocking my 80GB 5th Gen

    I would probably taste the one I love first but go back and forth between the two.

    Due to my father situation I would not knowingly date such a man.

    Swine is my friend. There’s no such thing as turkey “bacon” anyway. I call it breakfast turkey. Bacon is of swine. lol

    What’s the last good movie you saw? Jumping the Broom, Fast Five and Hangover 2. In that order.

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