Accent Challenge and Other Randoms

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13 Responses to Accent Challenge and Other Randoms

  1. sayitlikethis says:

    I love that Foxy covered her mouth when she yawned. TOO CUTE!!!!

  2. I want your kid!! OMG!!!

    Glad you got the package, LOL that she’s scared of it..

    Don’t forget to blog about how the folks reacted to your hair at work!

  3. Regan is just too cute. Now I want a little girl! LOL

  4. keyalus says:

    I saw this challenge on other blogs and did a vlog with it. I wanted to re-shoot it but lost my voice LOL! Def have to do it again because it was fun.

  5. Gladys says:

    Lil Miss Regan is a DOLL for real! I want her! I really need to plan a trip to the A to see her and Olivia…Ida’s daughter. Olivia turned one on the 4th.

  6. BK says:

    Love Miss Regan!!! She is such a cutie..

    now I’m inspired to do a vlog post.. I have yet to do this.. Hmmm

  7. Lisa says:

    My heart just melted. Regan is just the sweetest. Good job Babs!

  8. Clu says:

    She waved! 🙂 Adorable

  9. TheMrs says:

    Both of you are adorable!

  10. K.unwrapped says:

    I totally lost my concentration when the baby came on the screen. She’s so cute!

  11. SimplyB says:

    Ok, I’m gonna do an accent challenge tonight!!!

    The artwork in the background is beautiful. I love vibrant colors.

  12. t. sheree says:

    Regan really makes my day. Such a cutie pie!

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