Hustle and Go

Did I ever tell you about the guy I dated that was an distributor?  I’m sure I’ve talked about him before, but I probably left that detail out.   I was young, he was impressionable, and so on one spring weekend I found myself at an convention in North Carolina.  I won’t go into detail, but I will say that ain’t my type of hype.  I just couldn’t get into it.  He, on the other hand, drank the kool aid…ice cold…and through a straw.  I remember coming home one day to a living room full of am.wa.y toilet paper and laundry detergent.  That was the beginning of the end.

Ever since then, I’ve had an aversion to the whole “own your own business by selling stuff out of a catalog” thing.  I just can’t get into the candles, jewelry, tupperware or cooking utensils.  Again, ain’t my type of hype. But if you like it, I love it.  I’m just not gonna buy anything from you.

Which brings me to that chick Mary.  Those broads in their pink Cadillacs are ferocious!  They find me everywhere I go.  It’s usually at a Walmart or Target, and it’s almost every time I step foot into the midtown Wally World, I am approached.

I get pissed every time they approach me.  I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended that I am always a target.  Since I dated the am.w.ay guy, I know the technique very well:  strike up a seemingly casual conversation, make a comment about my appearance, ask what I do for a living or if I “ever thought about owning my own business” and then BOOM suddenly they’ve got my name and number and are ushering me to their next party or, better yet, a party of my own.  Except I can see that bullshit coming a mile away.  When they ask my name I may or may not give a real name.  When they ask where I work I say “downtown.”  And when they ask if I ever thought about owning my own business I smile and say “nope.”

Today I was stopped by one of those pink ladies.  She was so bold as to approach me while I was in the checkout line.  She handed me her card and went in for the kill.  She asked me if I had a card and I said no.  She whipped out a pen and told me she’d take my name and number and call me to talk further.  When I told her I wasn’t going to give her my phone number that sweet smile disappeared and…get ready for this…

…she snatched the card out of my hand and said she would need her card back since we wouldn’t be exchanging information.  Then she walked off without another word.


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9 Responses to Hustle and Go

  1. Mick says:

    Ahhh…The Pink Ladies….I love it. They promise “makeovers”, “free facials” and such. I hate being rude, but I make exceptions for those heffas.

  2. AR Gal says:

    No she didn’t snatch her card back. LMAO! She must not have wanted business too bad. Who knows you may have changed your mind one day.

    My sister used to sell MK and tried to get me to do it. Against my better judgement, I agreed to listen to her sponsor’s (or whatever their called) speech. Let me tell you, home girl went all out with her reason to sell MK. She pulled out the 9\11 card. She was a flight attendant and was supposed to be on one of the planes that crashed…..yada yada yada. Then again, it may have been an airplane in general. This was like 5 or 6 years ago so blame my brain. At any rate, my only thought was yeah but guess what honey, you weren’t. I was not moved which baffled her. Whatever. I think I embarrassed my sister because I didn’t fold. Again, whatever. I told her not to call me with that mess.

    Sorry to blog in the comments but the memory came flashing back.

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    The pink ladies bring out my inner biatch. Too many stories to share here. I was one for 2.5 seconds so they can miss me with that ish.

  4. K. Rock says:

    She paid for those cards! She cant be wasting them on folks who don’t want to ride the road to a pink caddy! LOL!

  5. laughing808 says:

    well dang, that was mighty rude of her………….ROFL

    Yeah, they can be abit aggressive. I have a friend that does the pre-paid law and I’ve sine had to stopped taking her calls, responding to her emails and texts and hide her on facebook!

  6. missmajestic says:

    mk has been around so long, I would think people wouldn’t need to resort to approaching people randomly to sell any. My mom used Mk almost exclusively for years. I think the products are pretty good though I currently I only own a lipgloss. I have a family friend who sold it for years, got the caddy and everything. This woman is over 60 and she looks GOOD and you know black don’t crack. of course I’ve never seen her w/o make up and hair bouncing and behaving. I say this to say she was a good advertisement. I think she used her looks (impeccable make up job) and personal contacts to sell. I don’t think she was walking up on people.

    I was approached by a woman in Tar-jay about MK. THIS WOMAN HAD THE WORST MAKE UP AND HAIR EVER! Foundation caked on. not covering her pimples. Eyelashes falling off. Jacked up matted weave. She looked so bad I almost snickered when she asked me about mk and did I wear makeup. But I was caught off guard so I gave her my number. She called. scheduled a makeover. I figured what the heck. I’ll buy a lipgloss and she’ll leave me alone. She stood me up. Months later she called and gave me a sob story about being a single mother of two trying to make extra money. Offered to treat me to dinner at the place of my choice and tell me about MK. (I chose Panera, I didn’t want to break her). I can’t remember why that dinner never happened, but every since I go back to that Target, I keep my grillface on.

  7. BK says:

    LOL I was a pink lady for 6 yrs.. became a director and all.. it was a good thing for me but I never stalked anyone. that wasn’t my flow. I still use some of the facial products today but am no longer in business. after I gave up my directorship and I opted for the cash over the grand am *yeah that’s how long ago* I stayed in business for personal use only then that even got tired for me and I gave it all up.

    I’m laughing that she snatched her card back.. I bet you she is still working on customer service skills LOL

  8. Honest says:

    Hilarious! I have perfected the “No thank you” down. Between the homeless wanting to hit me up for money or to sell me something and the activist looking for some signatures on the streets of DC I’ve had a lot of training.

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