We Are Family

This weekend, Regan and I traveled to the heart of it all to help celebrate my great-Aunt’s 70th birthday.  When I received the invitation for the surprise party, I just knew I had to be there.  So often, the only time I see my family is at a funeral, so a birthday celebration was special.


The luncheon was held at a historic inn in southwestern Ohio.  I knew that my favorite cousins were coming from all over the country, so I was looking forward to seeing them all.  It seems like we all arrived at the exact same time.  We squealed with delight as we got out of our cars and had a mini reunion in the parking lot.  I had seen most of my cousins at my baby shower last year, but it was nice to see them again.

(sidebar: no idea why that paragraph is underlined and can’t seem to fix it)

We had a nice luncheon (thank God for the cash bar) and enjoyed some speeches from the guest of honor’s siblings.  I absolutely adore my grandmother’s siblings and it was great to hear each of them say why their sister was so special to them.

Before long, the luncheon was over and people started to disperse.  I really hated to see the afternoon come to an end.  I don’t see my family enough.  Some of them were headed to my aunt’s house for an “after party” but I had to make my way to my dad’s house.  He kept the baby for me while I attended the kid-free luncheon.

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4 Responses to We Are Family

  1. innerdiva says:

    #1: Yo’ hair is looking very cute.
    #2: I really like your dress! It is quite fabulous.
    #3: The paragraph is a link to the full length picture of your dress.

  2. discodiva73 says:

    I was reading that paragraph and was wondering why you were trying to stress that! Cute dress! Did the fam like you hair?

  3. You looking skinty, wife! I like it! Glad you had a good trip home!

  4. bapster says:

    I love the dress AND your hair. I’m so glad you added the part about the event being held in a historic inn. I couldn’t take my eyes away from Ronald Reagan’s picture. Nothing wrong wit it if Auntie has a pic of him in her house, but I’m just sayin …

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