Blame the Eye Candy

It all started with this guy:

Then I saw this guy:

Next thing I know, I was watching a Single Ladies marathon!

I can’t even believe it.  I’ve been making fun of this show since the first episode.  That opening scene was just dreadful.  Lisa Raye’s speaking voice is dreadful.  Stacy Dash’s acting skills are dreadful.  Hell, everyone’s acting skills are dreadful.  But that eye candy?  Oh, that eye candy will keep me coming back!

I think I watched about three episode.  Then I went back and watched a couple of episodes on demand so I could catch up.  So, it looks like I’m officially tuning into this show.  But remember, it’s all for the eye candy.

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17 Responses to Blame the Eye Candy

  1. krissy says:

    I can’t. Not even for eye candy lol

  2. That’s what they allllllll say. 😉

  3. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    I’m all into it too! I hated the first episode! I think I was won over by the third one!

  4. I am hooked on it too, for the exact same reasons. Despite the poor acting I am getting into it.
    Color me shocked to see the preview of the upcoming story line with Latifah !

  5. Shea says:

    Vh1 has always managed to suck me into their brand of ignorance. This show is no different. I’m not hooked as to where I’m waiting for it to come on Monday nights, but I do make sure I’m all caught up before I watch a new episode. But yeah, the acting is horrible. Downright dreadful.

  6. CreolePeach says:

    The acting is horrendous, but the story line is actually pretty good. That’s what I tune in to watch. And I have bad eyes which I’ve been told can be helped when they are in contact with dark skinned, bald men. So I watch for medicinal purposes.

    • dmcmillian72 says:

      This comment, “…And I have bad eyes which I’ve been told can be helped when they are in contact with dark skinned, bald men. So I watch for medicinal purposes…” absolutely made my morning! Thank you, @CreolePeach! 🙂

      I am enjoying the show more and more, but I have to jump on the bangwagonwith everyone else. The acting, particularly that of Stacey Dash and LisaRaye, is horrifical (new word, look it up)! They are merely pretty older women with still banging bodies (yeah, I’m hating…AND?!) who “look the part” of Atlanta’s monied crowd. But actresses, they are not! Having said that, I still can’t NOT watch, ya’ know? Mainly because it’s a Black show, partly because it’s Queen Latifah’s show (and I do enjoy her acting). I’ve just added it to my list of guilty pleasures. #SueMe

  7. ondrea says:

    You are not alone. I tune in just to see who will be on the show. If I miss it, I go to On Demand. The MEN on there are just lovely!!!!!

  8. Disco Diva says:

    I actually like the show. Its entertaining to me …although completely ridiculous and bad acting.

    One thing I hate is when money doesn’t make sense. For example, April (who just turned 25) has gotten $500M from her grandmother and it comes in installments. But her husband keeps spending it and even bought a car with it! When is that money going to run out? How much are the disbursements?

  9. K says:

    T and I watched it one bleeeeaaak night when there was nothing else on. Stacy Dash who is apparently the female Dick Clark because she DOES NOT AGE. And Rick Fox? Isn’t he supposed to be playing basketball or dancing with stars?–not acting?

    And yet…we kept watching.

  10. I watched the episode where Pilar Sanders was on there and confronted the white chick. I hadn’t wastch it since but apparently I need to come on back so that my eyes can be pleasured!

  11. mia. says:

    My boyfriend and I don’t like the same programs, but I was watching the Single Ladies series premier and he came in the room and stayed – for the eye candy. He loves him some LisaRaye’s hips and I guess Stacy Dash doesn’t hurt his cause. It’s now become something that we both watch and talk about.

    But you’re 100% right, LisaRaye’s speaking voice is horrendous.

    Also, I would climb Rick Fox like the big ol’ apparatus that he is!

  12. missmajestic says:

    I love to hate Lisaraye’s voice!

  13. jamie says:

    I never noticed , nor really cared, what a bad actress stacey dash was:), I too like the eye candy

  14. Sasha says:

    The acting is horrible! And the wardrobe too! How does she own a boutique and half her outfits look ugly. But MALCOLM…OHHHHHHHWEEEEEE! I get goose bumps when he’s on the screen. That white boy that was laying in bed with Val (Stacey Dash) looked good when he took off his clothes. lol!

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