Pull Up to my Bumper

I was just rearended. No, seriously. It just happened. I’m sitting here waiting for my lunch to arrive but, as any good blogger should, I’m taking the time to tell you about it.

I was sitting at a stop sign and a woman in a tank hit me from behind. Hard enough that it jarred me, but not hard enough that my bumper was hanging. Matter of fact, I half expected there to be no damage. But there was. My bumper is scratched and there is a dent.

The driver was very apologetic and gave me her insurance information and all that. I was annoyed but not angry. Had baby been in the car I probably would have gone off.

Like I said, my car is scratched and dented, but it is also 12 years old. It’s not like I’ll be driving it for another two years (God willing). I am trying to decide if I’m even going to call this in or just give the lady a pass.

The universe has been so good to me, maybe I should put some good back out there.

What would you do? File a claim or give the lady a pass? And if you’d give her a pass, would you call and tell her you were doing so?

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14 Responses to Pull Up to my Bumper

  1. Donnasays says:

    I would get my bumper fixed and also have the mechanics make sure no other (unseen) damages were done. Regarding filing a claim with her insurance company, I’d be inclined to do so but I know some people don’t care if the insurance pays or the lady pays as long as they get the money.

  2. Tazzee says:

    Do you have a mechanic that can give you a quick assessment of the damage? I would hate for there to be some damage other than the scratch and dent.

    Personally I’d give her a pass. A guy hit my car – young guy, very apologetic. There was a major scratch. I had JUST got my car out the shop for major accident repair. Upon impact I initially thought – not again!!

    When I got out, surveyed the damage and saw the fear and regret on his face, I got his info but let it pass. That big scratch is still on the car – I just slapped a Falcons bumper sticker over it, LOL

  3. Barrister says:

    Like the two posters above, I would definitely get the car checked by a reputable mechanic – preferably one who knows the history of your car – to make sure that there aren’t any latent mechanical issues. And, see what your body feels like tomorrow, if you were jarred in the way you describe, you will most likely suffer soreness and stiffness tomorrow. And remember, that the dent as diminished the car’s value – a running 12 yo car still has some value in a private sale.

  4. Roses Daughter says:

    Get the car checked and if there is no serious damage, give her a pass!

  5. missmajestic says:

    Another scratch and dent on the car I’m currently driving would blend right in. If I was driving a newer car with no previous body damage, I would want it fixed.

    But if the accident was the result of aggressive driving I’d call it in even if it was a small scratch.

  6. Lori F says:

    As someone who was in the collision damage industry, I say get a second look just to be sure.
    As a once single mom, I say file the claim. If it’s as minor as you think, a small claim is not going to raise her rates. You don’t legally “have” to fix the car if you don’t want to. That extra cash could ease the pain of that daycare bill this month! Plus, if there is more damage or you do turn out to be injured, there’s a claim out there as evidence of it happening.

  7. Disco Diva says:

    If its just a scratch, I would give her a pass. No matter what the damage is everythng is expensive to fix (they may say they have to replace the bumper and bam $1000!).

    If you think you may be injured, then I would file a claim.

  8. naturallyk says:

    So glad you are okay! I would give her a pass for a scratch and dent.

  9. Since the damage is small, I wouldn’t report it to insurance either way. If I wanted to get the damage fixed, I’d get an estimate and ask her to pay out of pocket (if she could).

    With my car tho, I’d let it roll.

    Glad you weren’t harmed.

  10. Twana says:

    As long as your ok, I’d say give her pass. Go with your first instinct.

  11. Brannon A says:

    You should report it. I was rearended by some kid many years ago. There was no damage to my bumper, but I was in pain a couple days later and his family did not want to cover my medical expenses. I turned it in to my insurance company for medical and they subrogated against the other party.

  12. Nerd Girl says:

    Glad you’re okay. I’d let it ride.

  13. I am glad you are OK and I would report the claim.

  14. Sasha says:

    I would go to a body shop and get a quote. Call the lady and let her know the price. If she starts acting funny file the claim. Actually, this is what insurance companies are for. File the claim.

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