I Like my Milk Extra Cold!

I was so happy to win the Truth about Cereal contest over at Travel Diva’s spot.   Not only was I scoring some cute bowls, but the spoons looked perfect for Regan too.

Today when I arrived home there was a package on my doorstep.  Never tiring of coming home to surprises, color me THRILLED when I opened the box!

Six individual packages of cereal including fruity Cheerios (can you say yum!), 4 awesome cereal bowls from Crate and Barrel and the cutest spoons I’ve ever seen.  What’s even more awesome is that the bowls match my dinnerware perfectly.

I love that these bowls are small and will help me with portion control with not only cereal, but with my summertime ice cream addiction as well.  Matter of fact, let me go try the bowl and spoon out now…

Thanks, Travel Diva, General Mills and random number generator!

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