Work From Home Randoms

I could totally work from home every single day.  I don’t need to see people.

The best part is not having to put on dress, heels or makeup.  Oh and of course the not driving thing.

I’ve already done two loads of laundry while getting work done.  Love it.


Cinammon instant oatmeal makes me gag. It’s so nasty to me.  I don’t mind the other flavors.


I stubbed my toe on Sunday and it is still swollen and hurts.  I’ve been wearing flip flops all week because I can’t bear to wear a real shoe.


I’m in prayer about a tough decision and I need the Lord to direct me to the right decision.  I always choose wrong.


Whenever I hand baby her cup of milk she says thank you (it sounds like “anka”) and it melts my heart every single time.  It also melts my heart that she waves and says “bye” to people whenever I pick her up.  It’s like she’s saying “bye bishes my momma’s here!”  Cracks me up!


My birthday cannot get here soon enough.  It is sure to go down in history as the best birthday ever!


I’m totally thinking about lunch already.

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5 Responses to Work From Home Randoms

  1. Roses daughter says:

    I wish I could work from home…
    I love it when Pookah says ” dank coo”. It’s so freakin cute!

  2. naturallyk says:

    I hope you get a response to your prayers!

  3. trininista says:

    That’s so cute that she says “thank you” or “anka” really. I wish I could get a job that allows me to work from home at least 3 days a week. lol. The commute was always the killer for me. And sometimes the silly people.

  4. doahleigh says:

    I love working from home. I have to be in the office for meetings and such most of the time, but I work from home when I can and I love it.

    Hope you get an answer!

  5. Ayana says:

    I think that we should start a revolution with this whole work at work thing. It is expensive for the company (think about the overhead of having an office building downtown). It is expensive for you – the gas, car expenses! It expensive for the city (think of the road construction of making the highway bigger!). And it is horrible for the environment!

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