Daycare Blues

As you know, I love Regan’s daycare.  Well, I love the people at Regan’s daycare.  I feel like I have a good relationship with them.  Regan is comfortable there and loves her teachers.  And it’s a Christian learning environment.

But those mickey fickeys are trying to nickel and dime me!

I received a letter stating my current balance and letting me know what other monies are due.  Namely a registration and supply fee totalling $350.  Now, I can barely pay tuition as it is, so the thought that I have to come up with an additional $350 just about sent me over the edge.  And don’t let me pull her during the middle of the year, else I’ll have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Additionally, I have had some other unsatisfactory observations over the last few months.  For instance, meals and snacks.  She receives two meals and two snacks daily.  However, I am so dissatisfied with the snacks that I provide myself them on a daily basis.  When I pick up my child and see that she has had cheez-its or cheerios for a snack, we’ve got a problem.  And chicken biscuit or those same damn cheerios for breakfast just isn’t going to get it.  The only time she received fruit is at lunch.  There is absolutely no nutritional value in a handful of cheez its.  I consider cheerios “busy food” and something I give her when I am cooking to keep her occupied.  It is not a meal. 

A couple of weeks ago I picked her up and she was sitting in a high chair.  A dirty high chair.  And I know it was not her mess because it wasn’t even her room.  And she was eating cheerios.  I contained myself and made a mental note to start looking around.

Yesterday I had a talk with the director.  He agreed with me about the meals and said they were looking for a new caterer.  He understood my concerns about the fees and would look into the matter.  Basically, he was trying to appease me, but the damage had already been done.

The hardest part about deciding to pull her is leaving her favorite teachers, but honestly she’ll be transitioning out of their class in another month or so anyway.  So if we are making a change, might as well make it now.

Today I dropped baby off at a new daycare for a trial day.  I haven’t enrolled her, but I want to see how she does in a new environment.  We walked into the classroom and saw the children were having breakfast- pancakes and pineapple tidbits.  Baby walked right over to the table, grabbed a chair and sat down.  That child is serious about her meals!

I made small talk with the teacher while Regan sat and ate her breakfast.  I felt kinda nervous about leaving her there, but I knew in my heart she would be okay.  My baby is friendly and sociable and adapts well to her environment.  I gave her a kiss on the forehead and told her I’d be back.

I peeked at her through the window and there were no tears.  For her or for me.

I pray I am making the right decision.

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15 Responses to Daycare Blues

  1. BK says:

    As a parent you have to make these decisions. You & baby will be fine!!! Good luck 2 you today as you go semi-crazy wondering if you made the right decision. Trust you have 🙂 plus she is a Gemini she will adjust that’s just how we do! Smile mommy!

  2. sayitlikethis says:

    I think you and Foxy will be okay. Considering the amount of time and money spent, it’s always best to do what is best for you and Foxy. Good luck!

  3. justJENN says:

    Once you get her into a place you’re comfortable with, you’ll feel so much better. Good luck!

  4. my baby went threw like 5 daycares. Its hard to find a place that you like AND is affordable. You will be fine.

  5. CC says:

    Since when do caterers provide Cheez-Its and Cheerios? Are they that busy that they can’t clean a yucky high chair before putting someone’s child in it? You are paying too much to be dissatisfied.

  6. Hold up, wait a minute!!! Now even my childless self knows daycare is not cheap, but WHAT THE WHAT!! What is a registration and supply fee?? And better yet why is it $350!!!!! That just sounds like padding to me.

    I hope Regan does well at the new daycare and that you feel comfortable with her there.

  7. LyNn says:

    I hope you and Regan have a wonderful day. Change is needed sometimes and if your current child care provider is slacking, it’s time to move forward. Many Blessings!!!

  8. So glad she was comfortable enough for you to leave without upsetting yourself.
    He hears ALL your prayers. It will be fine.
    Sending you an e-hug !

  9. K says:

    I couldn’t believe those charges when you mentioned them on Twitter. That’s nonsense. And are they doing wildly crazy and inventive art or constantly playing with new toys provided for by that money? Dude.

    I hope the new daycare sets your mind at ease. Sounds like Regan is already digging it.

  10. dmac says:

    as a fellow working mom, i feel you on the daycare. go with your instincts and you’ll make the right decision.

  11. Kim says:

    Anytime you have concerns about your baby, you do what you have to. I hope that you find a place that will keep your mind at ease and give you both what you need. Parenting is serious business!

  12. I love that you made moves, followed your gut, and got that cutie-patooty into another place! I can’t wait to read the pick-up story. I wish she could talk so she could tell you (and us) about her day.

  13. Roses Daughter says:

    Oh I feel you on this issue. When I was seriously considering moving Pookah from the current daycare, the one I looked at had issues. Not only the whole age appropriate classroom issue, but cleanliness and atmosphere and professionalism. The plus at his current place is the cleanliness, the love for his teachers, and how close it is to home. I provide all the snacks and most of the food. They moved the teachers who let him get into wheat that time and do make more of an effort to make sure he eats SOMETHING. Which was a big issue of mine. I hope it works out and she likes her new place! Finding good care is hard !

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