Remember when I said I was going to do some writing on Sunday while baby napped?  Yeah, well, she napped for like 20 minutes so I didn’t get anything accomplished.  It’s just as well.  I’ve got a lot of heavy stuff on my mind it would have likely put a dark cloud over blogland.

I have some things I’d like to discuss but I need to compose my thoughts and decide how much, if any, I want to share.  Add to that the fact that I am oh em gee super busy at work and at home and I simply don’t have time to write.

So give me a break as I take a break.  I’ll get back to you later this week.


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3 Responses to Composure

  1. theorist says:

    Be well Babs!

  2. t. sheree says:

    Regroup and we’ll see you soon!

  3. Roses Daughter says:

    Take your time

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