Hey Ya!

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12 Responses to Hey Ya!

  1. Crystal says:

    My husband just walked by and asked me what I was smiling at and I showed him; he shook his head and laughed. This reminds me of moments with my 9 month old daughter, who’s spending the week with my mom.

    I love Regan’s little laugh!

  2. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. bapster says:

    My first sincere smile of the day! I LOVED the dance party. Did you notice that Regan smiles whenever you sing? She loves her Mommy!

  4. kena says:

    You two are so happy together. That is too cute. I miss those days.

  5. Lori F says:

    Love love LOVE this!!! I’ve had kind of a rough evening and this totally put a big smile on my face! It’s little moments like that, that are what life’s all about. It’s so good to see you two so happy like peas in a pod together. Motherhood really suits you! Happy dancing!!

  6. t. sheree says:


  7. Sha Boogie says:

    Cute! BTW, your hair is looking great!

  8. heartdrops says:

    awww I’m genuinely smiling at the computer watching her laugh! What a blessing!

  9. LyNn says:

    Regan, is just too cute and I love her laugh!

  10. Honest says:

    Too cute!

  11. laughing808 says:

    she is such cutie, thanks for sharing the video………

  12. LMAO! Babs you killed it. Regan was just along for the ride! 😆

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