This Weekend

This weekend I plan to:

Have my car cleaned

Organize my linen closet and throw away tons of junk

Take baby to the fountains

Buy baby a toy phone so I can reclaim ownership of my blackberry

Watch a movie

Buy a new bra

Cook a delicious meal

Look for a bathing suit that doesn’t make me look like this.


What are you going to do?

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18 Responses to This Weekend

  1. angelita says:

    Lol. Why did I click that. You should check forever 21 for the swimsuit if your not against forever 21. I just bought one last week. Cute, covered, and cheap.

  2. angelita says:

    They have larger sizes . I am a size 18 and they have sizes larger than that. I just had a baby that is my disclaimer so I feel better posting that.

  3. sundaze says:

    Ugh…reading this reminds me how badly I need to have my car cleaned. If I ever drove by a car wash without running late for something, I might get it done.

    This weekend I’m going to: get in at least one really good workout; look for the perfect t-shirt/tank top; take my 8 year old friend to one of those paint your own pottery places and out for pizza; catch the Tribe documentary with some friends; finish at least half of this month’s (horrible) book club selection.

  4. DevRy says:

    Save your money because baby will not fall for the toy phone trick…she will still want yours. Trust me!

    • keyalus says:

      True That! When I got my IPhone I gave over my IP.od to my son. Given a choice, he still wants my new phone…he will take both if I let him!

      • Ayana says:

        Ha! That is what I was going to say ;). Unless you are going to get a toy *real* phone, I doubt she is going to be interested ;).

  5. keyalus says:

    I think we’re going out to dinner tonight. No idea where.
    Got a 10K trail race on Sat and a 20-miler on Sunday. I will be parked on the couch all weekend even though I need to do at least 4 of the things on your list.

  6. theorist says:

    write, pedicure, laundry, clean car, reorg the bathroom, cook for the week, spinning, zumba

  7. Jennifer says:

    Clean, organize, grocery shop, cook a meal or two, pay some bills, take myself to the movies and spend some time with my guys

  8. amyg says:

    LOL at that pic 🙂 Lands end has good suits -so does Target!!!! And, baby will not be fooled by a fake phone 🙂

  9. amyg says:

    oh – also Marshalls or TJ Maxx – their suits are never more than 30 and I found a great one there last year…

  10. Ayana says:

    I PLAN to clean up my house and finish all the laundry.

    But I am probably just going to sit around and make another doll :P.

  11. Nerd Girl says:

    Cleaning out and organizing closets. Deep conditioning hair. Try to find an 8 line manuscript tablet to finish up this back to school list. Anything else is gravy.

  12. Brannon A says:

    Had brunch with some fab friends today, went to target, petsmart, then church. bailed on going to see my neighbors bf’s band play tonite. i opted for Ferris Bueller and the Secretariat on tv in a comfy, cool place.

    2moro, i need to run a few errands and get fresh fruit for the week.

    Must also try to tackle all the weeds in the yard

    Must not forget to purchase toilet paper. We down to like 2 rolls. I thought the housekeeper replenished the tissue stash. she just didnt tell me i was low.

  13. Today we went to Waffle House, he got a haircut and I was highly amused by his barber, then grocery shopping, then home to unload the groceries, then back out to have sushi and see Captain America. We had an early night and I am in bed typing this comment.

    Tomorrow, housework for me, BBQing for him and just generally being a lazy lima bean.

  14. Rae says:

    Work overtime. Sigh.

    Hope your weekend turned out great!

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