Ridin’ like a Benzo

As many of you know, I have been through many trials and tribulations with my sturdy, German engineered vehicle.  I’ve gotten to the point where I am putting as little money into it as possible.  Last week, however, the Babs Mobile required a little TLC.

First, I was alerted to the need for tires.  It had been on the back of my mind for a few weeks, but when random dude referred to my tires as “maypops” I literally went to the tire place the very next morning.

A few days later, actually it might have even been the very next day, my door handle broke.  I think it was a spring or some other sort of mechanism.  So picture me crawling in and out of my car through the passenger side.  Not cute and NOT funny.

Note: Disco Diva acutally thought it was hysterical and couldn’t quite control her laughter upon seeing me slide in and out of the car.

So a few days after getting new tires, I had to get some more work done.  Booo!  But I am thankful for the ability to keep my ride safe and secure for me and that baby.

This weekend I took my car in for a wash.  I can tell you it hasn’t seen soapy water since February. Long overdue and if I went anywhere besides home and work I might actually care.

The car wash people took one look at my seats and suggested I get my seats cleaned and polished.  I said no, but then considered the crusty, dried milk all over the back seat and decided to go ahead and do it.

I’m so glad I did.  My seats looked great!  I could almost see my reflection in those mamma jammas.  The outside looks great too!  I tell you what, my car might have some bruises and scratches, but today it sure is looking fine.  You wouldn’t know it was a twelve year old car.  It kinda makes me feel bad for only washing it twice a year.

How often do you get your car washed inside and out?  Do you do it yourself or do you leave it to the professionals?

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10 Responses to Ridin’ like a Benzo

  1. Krissy says:

    Umm I rarely wash my car. I need to do better about that tho. I think I get mine washed by professionals twice a year. I really love how Silvey(formally known as Keisha) looks when she’s clean.

  2. t. sheree says:

    I wash and clean my car (inside and out) almost weekly. I do it myself…burns calories and I know I’ll do a great job. I went to a couple of full-service places and found new scratches on my trunk and my tinted windows days later. I’m cool doing it myself…until I get a man. 😉

  3. Shari says:

    Here in Germany you’re not allowed to wash your car like we would in the states, at home with a hose but there also aren’t any of those quick carwash spots … so I’m stuck with the drive-thru type hence why I rarely wash my car… plus it rains so often here that I like to think of it as God’s carwash… lol

  4. Steph says:

    I used to wash my car myself every week when I lived with my parents because they have a big driveway, and my dad is all about having a clean ride. Since I moved out, I have my car washed once a year. I plan to do better… Maybe I’ll take it to Cactus tomorrow?

  5. mzinspiredmind says:

    I vaccum it out every week and get it washed every other week. I take it thru one of the car washes that does it ALL for $10. I used to be really bad about keeping it washed and all but I got a pretty sweet ride so when it’s all cleaned up, I feel like new money! lol

  6. amyg says:

    WOWSAS. I remember the night you got that car! I cannot believe that was 12 years ago. OK, maybe I can 🙂

  7. BK says:

    When my car was newer I did it weekly through the car wash & gas station and then bi weekly through the fancy car wash where they detailed inside & out. Over the last 2 years it was pretty much whenever it got to be so dang filthy that even the air freshner didn’t do it’s job.. *sigh* the result of having kids who are always on the go and never being in the same state for more than 8 hours on a weekend. Now.. hubby or my son washes it every other week.. the inside well that’s another story..

  8. naturallyk says:

    I get my car cleaned inside and out about 3 times a year but I go to the cheap gas station washer about once a month or so.

  9. najalimu says:

    Funny you should post this. I just got to that “I can’t take it anymore” level with bumbleberry being unclean! I took her to the wash yesterday and scheduled to have it washed every three weeks. It’s part of my get organized/start sticking to a schedule plan. We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed 🙂

  10. K says:

    In the winter I will do it more often because of the salt and slush that gets inside and out. Less often in the summer.

    And, yeah, I leave it to the professionals.

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