Say Hello to my Little Friend

The first time my dad came to my house he thought my television was my computer monitor. (o_O)  Every time he would watch tv, he had this incredulous look on his face.  He just couldn’t believe how small my tv was.  I was never bothered by it and actually thought it was the perfect size for my very small living room.

The last time he was here he casually mentioned he was getting me a television for my birthday.  I didn’t give it another thought. 

On Monday, when I got home from work, he was insistent on going to Costco.  I needed paper towels, but wasn’t in a rush to get there.  After we picked up the necessary cleaning products and a bounty of blueberries for baby, we headed to the televisions where I instantly fell in love with this beauty:

I love her!  She is so very pretty and has cool features like internet capability.  I haven’t watched tv all week, but as soon as my home is void of guests I’m gonna take the couch potato thing to new heights.

Oh and the tv stand?  Love it!  My old tv stand was the last remaining piece of furniture from my marriage.  It was battered and old and I have been wanting it gone for a very long time.

I can’t wait to go home and watch tv!  I’m so glad my birthday came early.

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9 Responses to Say Hello to my Little Friend

  1. MrsTDJ says:

    Nice one dad!! Enjoy your new tv. I love shiny, new gadgets!

  2. LyNn says:

    What a wonderful b-day gift!

  3. Jealous! Happy early birthday!

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    Pretty, pretty! One day I’m going to take the time to figure out how these new fangled television sets work.

    Happy almost birthday to you!

  5. naturallyk says:

    Your dad is so sweet! All I got was a card from my dad this year. Maybe I need to have a baby…. Syke!

  6. Lori F says:

    Love your new tv – hate admitting that I know you’re watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates!

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