Steppin Out

On Friday I ditched the family allowed them to have some privacy and hit the streets with CaliSlim.  It’s been a couple of years (yikes!) since I got really dressed up and did any socializing, so when I heard about the event and realized I had the opportunity to go (read: free childcare) I was so excited.  I also have had this dress in my closet for months and have been waiting for a reason to wear it.

The event was a fundraiser at an art gallery in the city.  I saw old friends as soon as I walked in the door and throughout the evening.  There were cocktails and dancing and fun picture taking.

Okay, so here’s where the lameness is identified:

#1- The DJ played this song called “The Wobble” and everyone in the room got excited and started doing this line dance.  Everyone except for me because as God as my witness I have never in my life heard that song or seen that dance.  But I liked it!

#2- I was ret to go at 930pm.  I haven’t worn high heels outside of work in a long time and there was no seating.  My dogs were barking!

So, even though CaliSlim gave me the sideeye, I didn’t make it to 10pm.  I was the chick in the room who preferred to go home and peek at my baby and eat french fries with my little sister rather than engage in tomfoolery with a bunch of people 10 years my junior.

I guess I’ve lost some of my social butterfly skillz.  Or perhaps I just need to work a little harder to get my mojo back.

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10 Responses to Steppin Out

  1. laughing808 says:

    ok, so now you have me thinking and feeling some kinda way cause I love that song and actually like the urban line dances, LMAO………….

    the dress is really nice………………

  2. heartdrops says:

    I first heard/saw the wobble in NOLA and I was fascinated. I like any kind of line dance…well the cool ones.

  3. It was fun hanging with you socially again, if only for 1.5 hours. 😆 You did good for your first time back out there though. You would have enjoyed it had you stayed, these fools really let their hair down later. 😆

    It’s the end of an era…Babs is a MOM! 😉

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    I love line dances – the Wobble is great! Have you seen/done the Zydeco Bounce yet? Big fun!
    We had ladies’ night out Saturday – we were all home by 10. Talk about lame…

  5. You look good wifey..I need a shoe pic! Glad you had some fun!

  6. Tazzee says:

    You look great in that dress. I’m glad you got a chance to get out and about.

  7. K says:

    I agree with them, you do look great.

    And I’m a pantywaist with staying out late too. As hard as it is to admit, I start to get twitchy if I’m not in bed (or at least at home) by 10.

    I am old.

  8. Looking good lady ! Sometimes I miss the social butterfly stories that got me hooked on this blog, but I am loving the evolution & the baby stories even more.

    We love line dances here in Texas. I love the Wobble, the Michael Jackson Shuffle, and the latest one that I learned just last month, the K-Wang Wit It ! LOL You Tube can get you up to speed, trust me.

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