Chicken Parmesan Eggrolls

Gold star for Babs! Dinner was yummy!

I saw this recipe over at A Little Nosh and new I had to give it a try.  Once I got to the store I realized wontons were going to be too small for this greedy gus, so I bought eggroll wrappers instead and decided to call them Chicken Parmesan Eggrolls.  They were super easy to make.

They were de-lish!  I seriously have no complaints.  I will be adding this to the rotation.  If I make it for anyone I’ll pair it with a salad, but for me the eggrolls are all I need.

Chicken Parm Eggrolls
Eggroll wrappers
Rotisserie Chicken
Italian herbs paste
Marinara Sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Grated Parmesan


Spray your pan with olive oil spray and lay out the wrappers

Put a schmear of italian herb paste down the middle

Layer chicken and marinara sauce

Layer both cheeses

Rolls up like in eggroll formation

Brush with olive oil

Bake on 400 for about 10 minutes or until desired color.

Dig in!

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13 Responses to Chicken Parmesan Eggrolls

  1. Fantastic!! Thanks for trying them 🙂

  2. discodiva73 says:

    You find the best recipes. I have some rotisserie chicken and wanted to make chicken pot pie…forgot the soup. Love the way your bourbon chicken looked. And these look great! Your such a Suzy homemaker!

  3. mzinspiredmind says:

    LMBoooo at the ‘Boomerang’ reference! He looked at her like wth when she said it! LOL. I WILL be making these!

  4. K says:

    Holy moses!–these look great.

    I am SO making these.

  5. MrsTDJ says:

    Yum, they seem kinda like calzones without that extra thick dough.

  6. CC says:

    These look good. Must try soon.

  7. amyg says:

    I have to make these! Where do you find that herb paste?!?!??!?!?!

  8. jamie says:

    The herb paste is FABULOUS, drop some into some extra virgin olive oil and use it as a bread dip, or mix some with some mayo and use it as a spread, or stir a spoonful into white bean soup, or add it to a simple vinaigrette, or squeeze the whole tube in to some cooked angel hair pasta, or put some on your tooth brush and brush your teeth with it, it’s just that good. I repeat FABULOUS.

  9. dmcmillian72 says:

    I’ll be trying this recipe too. I made your Bourbon Chicken recipe this weekend an it was DELICIOUS!

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  11. I’m getting the stuff to make this STAT.

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