Making Lemonade

Well, those two glorious days of sunshine we had over the weekend have been replaced by rain, lightening and the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life.  When it started Sunday night, I welcomed the sounds of the rain hitting the roof.  But when it was still raining in the afternoon I was a little perturbed.  Sure I could enjoy myself sitting in the sun room reading a book, but that baby gets stir crazy.  She knows there is plenty of sand and water outside.  She constantly walks over to the front door, picks up her shoes and grunts at me.

We decided to use the forced break from the sun as an opportunity to get some things done.  We restocked some groceries, hit up Target and picked up lunch.  It was good to get away from the beach for a few hours.

On Monday evening we did get a bit of a break.  I stepped outside and saw the sun peeking out and got so excited.  I came back in and baby and I suited up and headed back out for some fun in the sand.  It was great.

Tuesday was much of the same, so we decided to blow up the baby pool we had bought the day before and set up camp in the sand.  That way we could relax and baby could get water time without me having to restrain her from diving into the ocean.

Today (Wednesday) was much better.  It didn’t rain all day.  It sprinkled here and there, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.  We started the day in the pool then headed to the ocean.  After we got all cleaned up and baby had a nap, we headed out for a delicious seafood lunch.  We came back and went for a walk and then baby was down for another nap.

My mom and I spent the late afternoon on the deck reading our books and sipping homemade frozen mojitos.  We had the baby monitor set up so we could hear baby when she woke up.  It was the perfect afternoon.

So even though the weather is trying not to cooperate, we are certainly making the most of the week.  Vacation is vacation- rain or shine!

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10 Responses to Making Lemonade

  1. t. sheree says:

    Awww, yes! Make the most of your vacation!

  2. AR Gal says:

    Foxy looks absolutely beside herself in picture #1!

    That sunset is to die for! #jealous

  3. Roses Daughter says:

    All of these vacation posts have me plotting to go on vacation with my mom next year!

  4. naturallyk says:

    Sweet! You look so happy and relaxed!

  5. Delonda says:

    Foxy is so beautiful, (she get it from her mama) I just love her!!!
    That sunset is simply beautiful, nice photo’s Bab, thanks for sharing!

  6. That first picture of ya’ll is priceless. Regan is soo lucky to have a cool mama and grandma to take her on vacay!

  7. laughing808 says:

    goodness thats one cute toddler, LOL……..

    glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation. Thanks for sharing. And I love the pics, that sunset is gorgeous…………

  8. bapster says:

    you’re such a great mom. glad you guys had a great vacation.

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