Jimbo on Wisteria Lane

The solitude of our vacation ended with the arrival of the holiday beach goers. Where we once enjoyed peace and quite in a sleepy beach town, we now have been invaded by a bunch of tourists with no regard for stop signs, pet waste and beach law.

The worst of it is our hillbilly neighbors two houses back. Proving that money most certainly does not buy you class, Jimbo and his family have me and my mom ready to pack up and head on out.

We are supposed to remove all of our beach chairs, etc at the end of each day due to it being turtle nesting season. Not only did Jimbo et al not remove their stuff (after our gentle reminder) but they proceeded to have a bonfire in the wee hours of the morning.

When we discovered their misdeeds this morning, we dropped dimes, nickles AND quarters. We couldn’t call the property management company fast enough. Not only are they littering up the beach and creating fire hazards, but they set up shop right in front of our cottage so passers-by are going to think it us. Oh hell no!

Now we are posted up for the morning watching people check out their site. The turtle patrol tagged them with a violation last night, but I doubt that will encourage them to obey the law.

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