Transition Tuesday

While on vacation last week, I relished the fact that my hair could be wild and free.  I think I may have detangled it once in the entire ten days.  On the other days I only washed and conditioned after I had been in the pool or the salt water.  I truly appreciated the ease of my natural hair.

After I returned home, I knew my hair would need a little extra TLC after a week in the sun, sand and chlorine so before I went to bed I applied a generous amount of Original Moxie’s Emollience.  I noticed that I had to use a lot more than usual because my hair has grown so much!  I was careful to work it through my hair by dividing it into four sections.

I slept with my hair wrapped up and this morning I washed, conditioned and detangled my hair as usual.  Again, the detangling continues to require a little more effort as it grows.  I decided to style with my first Original Moxie love- Shape Shifter.

Today my hair is back to being soft and moisturized and BIG!


Necessary Legalities: As a participant in the 180 Challenge, Original Moxie has provided me with hair care products in exchange for writing about my experience.  All opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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7 Responses to Transition Tuesday

  1. Tazzee says:

    Love the tan!

    I’m definitely BCing after I take this set of braids out. I can’t wait to see how my hair reacts to a wash-n-go.

  2. najalimu says:

    Well aren’t you looking all sun-kissed and glowing :)!

  3. discodiva73 says:

    I took the tree braids out, washed my hair to see how a wash and go would look…and was grateful I have a 6AM appointment to put them back in! When I take these out again, I plan on going to a natural hair place and have them style it. I didn’t want to pay for a wash/cut at a natural place and then get the braids. #iaintrich I love these braids though but its too expensive to keep doing. My cornrows and was the economic business!

    Your hair looks great!

  4. SimplyB says:

    Look at that tan!! You and your hair look great!

    Separating your hair into 4 sections will be a life and timesaver.

  5. naturallyk says:

    Looks great! Beautiful tan!

  6. You are nice and tan!! I’m jealous

  7. Roses Daughter says:

    Cute! And you’ve got a tan!

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