Easy Going

My daughter, who previously showed no interest in television whatsover, has recently become obsessed with one DVD.  My mom played the songs for her on vacation.  Every day.  On repeat.

*bangs my head into the wall*

I thought once we returned I wouldn’t have to hear the songs anymore, but that Regan went into her suitcase, handed me the movie and sat down like she was ready to watch.  And we weren’t even near a tv!

There are three songs you can play on repeat and once they go off she grunts and motions for me to start it again.  I have to play it about three times before she moves on to something else.

Here is just one of the songs that I can’t get out of my head:

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9 Responses to Easy Going

  1. Jameil says:

    Oh my word. I SOOOOOO don’t look forward to those days!!! My sister used to KILL me with watching things on repeat. SHE STILL DOES IT!! When we were in middle/h.s. she would pick between Annie, The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz or Sound of Music. She would watch one of those every single time she got to the tv first for an entire month then go to the next one. Rather, rinse, repeat until the sight of them makes me stabby more than a decade later.

  2. onefromphilly says:

    Well at least it isn’t Barney!!! LOL
    This is only the beginning 🙂

    • jamie says:

      you said it, after 20 years I still hate that purple lizard with the heat of a thousand suns!
      my son watched his barney video casette, (that’s how old I am), a million, billion, gazillion times, over and over and over again

  3. Roses Daughter says:

    LoL!! Pookah will sing and dance to the Backyardigins theme song over and over again! I feel your pain

    • ames says:

      The Backyardigans is great music. You should get the c.d.! We got one of our daughter’s friends the c.d. and the next time we saw her parents, they too were singing the songs.

  4. 😆

    You already know my sister’s plight with my nephew and the Wonder Pets. 😆 Fortunately, that’s the only TV show he shows interest in. He’s much more into reading and books, like me his dad.

  5. CreolePeach says:

    HA! I’m glad my nieces and nephews have graduated to certain movies and shows that go on repeat. When they were here recently I must have watched Despicable Me a dozen times in the course of 3 days. I started using it as time to clean.

  6. bapster says:

    Oh my! /0\ I lubs ya Regan, but you gotta let that one go. I couldn’t even make it through the whole thing. Poor Babs! lol!

  7. MrsTDJ says:

    Ha ha! Oh yes, the days of repeat. My son is hooked on Special Agent Oso and Team Umizoomi.

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