Things that make me Smile

When Regan is ready for bed, all I have to say is “are you ready to go to sleep?” and she crawls/walks/stumbles to her crib and raises her arms for me to lift her.  Mo complaints or protests.  Those are the happiest 15 seconds of my entire day.


I am so loving this weather!  I can sleep with my windows open and not run the AC.  I can drive with my windows up and the car is still cool.  Regan looks so cute in jeans.  I can’t wait to get her some new fall clothes.


GatorGirl got Regan this super cute hair bow.  Go Bucks!


My good friends at Nintendo sent me a lovely flower arrangement.  Since I was out of town on my birthday, I didn’t get it until I returned.  It’s like my birthday has been extended!


My grandmother was finally (!) released from the hospital after 3 weeks.  She was in and out of ICU before they sent her home.  The other day I called her and she answered the phone.  I was so surprised (and happy) to hear her on the other line I almost cried.  I am going to see her at the end of the month.


When I told her I was coming to see her she offered to buy my plane ticket.  My grandmother has NEVER offered to buy me a plane ticket.  I think she feels guilty for missing my birthday vacation, which she shouldn’t, but I thought it was so sweet of her.


Yesterday I received a card from her with a letter inside.  It was just a regular, unimportant letter but it touched me so.  She also included some scratch off tickets (that she had scratched already) totalling $13 (ha!).  She said she couldn’t get to the store to send me a real present.  I thought it was cute and I decided not to cash them in but keep them forever as a memory.


Today I cashed those bad boys in!

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5 Responses to Things that make me Smile

  1. 😆

    Great post! And enjoy that $13! 😆

  2. amyg says:

    I love you 🙂 great post! Was your paternal or maternal grandmother in the hospital??

  3. LOL@ cashing in that $13!! I wish my grandmother was still that sweet. She’s getting surly in her old age.

  4. CC says:

    LOL @ “Today I cashed those bad boys in!” You have the letter as a keepsake so…Enjoy your winnings!!

  5. theorist says:

    LOL! Good post!

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