You are in a long distance relationship with a man for the last three years. You plan to move to his state after your youngest daughter finishes high school in two years.

Your oldest daughter is accepted to a prestigious school in her field in the same city he lives. They do not have campus housing. He offers to let your daughter stay with him until she makes friends and gets an apartment.
Under what circumstances, if any, would you allow your 18 year old daughter to stay with your boyfriend?

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26 Responses to Scenario

  1. keyalus says:

    No. Just no. I can’t think of a single circumstance.

  2. JennBME says:

    Not NEVER!

  3. CC says:

    Hecky naw! That scenario is a Jerry Springer episode dying to happen. He could’ve offered to take her apartment hunting, instead. Where is his head?!?!?

  4. heartdrops says:


  5. akima says:

    MAYBE if he had several daughters that lived with him that were about my daughter’s age and she was cool with it. But I think I’d just push my move up or find my daughter a place in the city. Housing around universities is usually pretty easy to find.

  6. K. Rock says:

    This does not sound like a good idea. I would def. appreciate him helping her find a place quickly and possibly checking in on her every now and then but her living there is not going down.

  7. wendyquell says:

    Not a chance in hell..

  8. nylse says:

    None….this just doesnt sit right with me.
    And really, how would the 18 year old feel, being put in that situation.
    It’s too close for comfort.

  9. ondrea says:

    Even if he had good intentions, I would have to decline that offer.

  10. naturallyk says:

    None. I can’t imagine anyone would be comfortable in a situation like that.

  11. Joe Ann Bell says:

    The only man my daughter will live with is her daddy and her husband, period.

  12. Roses Daughter says:

    There are none.

  13. naijamodel says:

    NOT EVER. And I would side eye the HELL out of him for even offering. Sorry! But I would, lol.

  14. Sasha says:

    NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY NO HOW! She needs to get an apartment then.

  15. No ma’am pressed ham! He is not responsible for my child, I am.

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