Ridin’ Dirty

I’ve been known to be both lazy and trifling.  You don’t believe me?  Please see my previous post regarding the tv tray.

Being lazy and trifling isn’t just relegated to the confines of my home.  No sir.  It affects all aspects of my life.  Take yesterday for instance…

I was driving to music class with baby when I called Disco Diva to chat.  She mentioned that much to her chagrin her car had been towed because she was driving around on a suspended license.  She was quite upset over it and I told her it was no big deal.  People break traffic laws all the time.  Then I boasted mentioned that I was driving around on expired tags.  Yes, I was such a bad ass that I was driving around without a care in the world even though I hadn’t renewed my registration the previous month.

Why didn’t I renew my registration last month?  Because I am LAZY and TRIFLING.  Duh!  Please do and try to keep up, people.

Anywho, so after we hung up I went on about my business.  I promise you it was exactly 60 minutes later when I was rolling through the streets of Buckhead when I looked in my mirror and, yup, you guessed it.  The police.  The coppers.  5-0.  Johnny Law.

I swear that Law of Attraction works on everything but lottery numbers and true love!

Long story short-  I got a ticket for expired registration.  My first ticket since I’ve been living in Georgia!  I was pissed, but I couldn’t be mad at anybody but myself.

Today I spent my extended lunch hour getting my emissions test and renewing my tags.  I’m no longer ridin dirty, but I’m betting I’m still gonna be lazy and trifling.

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7 Responses to Ridin’ Dirty

  1. mzinspiredmind says:

    Bwahahahah! I died at ‘Johnny Law’. That’s what my fam and I call them too.

  2. missmajestic says:

    reminds me that my tags expire at the end of this month. I need an inspection too!

  3. ames says:

    I just left the Culver City police station. I got a parking ticket for having expired tags in April. My tags didn’t expire until May. I have been appealing the madness since I got the ticket and I finally went to show them my tags and pay the $10 correction. I wanted to move on with my life.

    I was riding clean and still got punished for riding dirty.

  4. AR Gal says:

    And now for a musical selection………………..

  5. CreolePeach says:

    I’ve been riding dirty for almost 4 months. In my defense I did have pretty expensive repairs that were required to get the emissions passed. So that has just been pushed further out. I’ll see if I can clean myself up next month.

  6. Maz says:

    Join the club….My liscene was due for renewal in August. When I went online to renew, I received a message stating my liscene been suspended since June (for failure to pay court costs on a disposed moving violation ticket). Yep, maybe I should’ve opened and read the mail I received from the State.

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