Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I’ve been MIA that past few days.  I was ridiculously busy at work.  The culmination of three months of hard work and planning finally arrived and I needed to be 110% focused.  My dad came to town to man the fort while I stayed focused on work.  It was nice not to have to be on mommy duty in the mornings when I needed to be at work at 7am and couldn’t guarantee what time I would be home in the evenings.

After the long work week, I had to be on daughter duty.  When I really wanted to lay on the couch and watch tv, I had to make sparkling conversation and entertain my pa.  We watched movies, went on a shoe shopping spree and visited the zoo.

Today after dropping dad off at the airport I had a few baby-free hours so I watched tv, bought baby a fall jacket and met DiscoDiva for a movie.  We saw the Kevin Hart “movie” and I was a little more than disappointed.  My first clue should have been when she asked me to go and I was said “what is laugh at my pain?”  My second clue that I was going to hate it was when little Dejoinnaise behind me starting crying.  Yes, there was a child the same age as Regan in a movie full of dick jokes.

I hate people.


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4 Responses to Busy Busy Busy

  1. I can top that! a baby and older CHILD in the theatre when I saw Precious!

  2. CC says:

    Am I allowed to laugh at your pain? 🙂 Because your last paragraph and final statement have me crackin’ up. Dejoinnaise and dick jokes. LOL

  3. K says:

    There were children (toddlers!) at the theater when I saw “Bridesmaids.” I just don’t underSTAND people sometimes.

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