I got a new window fan and it has Rocked.My.World!

Seriously, you guys, if you don’t have a window fan, get thee to wally world and get one stat!  It has temperature controls so I can keep the room at whatever temperature I desire and two modes (high and low).

Last night’s sleep was outstanding.  The room was cool and I was snuggled under the blanket with a cool breeze washing over my face.  And the humming of the fan lulled me into a coma.  When my alarm clock went off this morning I felt like I was breaking free from a cocoon that I did not want to leave. 

I haven’t slept that hard in months.  I needed it.  I think my mind needed it to because I had some pretty heavy dreams.  When I awoke I think I resolved to end a relationship that has been weighing on me.  2012 is gonna see a lot of change.

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4 Responses to Cool

  1. theorist says:

    @When I awoke I think I resolved to end a relationship that has been weighing on me.

    Did the last Sept and the change weighed on me and close others. Almost one year later and I think we are all off better b/c of it.

  2. Roses Daughter says:

    I wish I could sleep with a fan in the window! But alas, CDub has allergies. 😦

  3. bapster says:

    there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, is there? kudos to your decision … sometimes we have to do what we gotta do. HI REGAN!!!

  4. t. sheree says:

    A cocoon?! Damn! Maybe I need to invest in me a window fan, lol!

    *raises wine glass* Here’s to change!

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