78 Friends Lighter

I’ve been doing some major cleaning up over in Facebook land.  That new format was rolled out and it just became all sorts of confusing.  My page was cluttered with news of people I didn’t know.  Friends of friends.  People I don’t normally follow in my feeds.

Rather than taking the time to reset my privacy settings and check and double check my lists, I just decided to clean house.  Let’s face it, I barely know most of my FB “friends” anyway.  So I decided to unload 100 people.

So far I’ve only unloaded 78 people.  Mostly people from my home town.  I didn’t remember most of them but they allllll remembered me because I was the only black girl in the class.  I also deleted a bunch of other acquaintances and people I figured I wouldn’t recognize if I passed them in the mall.

It feels great to get rid of all those “friends.”  I think I can do away with 22 more.

Have you ever done a major unload of FB friends?  How do you like the new FB format?

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9 Responses to 78 Friends Lighter

  1. CityofCyn says:

    I hate the new format. It makes me feel as if I am missing important news. I used to really enjoy my feed as I have a bunch of blogs, news outlets and deal sites that kept me updated on the latest happenings but now I see a bunch of other folks BS. I don’t need to know that a friend commented on a picture of someone I don’t even know. It’s a huge turn off to me right now. I missed my baby cousin’s engagement announcement, you would think with family you’d really see an important announcement and status change and it had a ton of comments but never showed up for me.

    I have purged FB once about a year ago. I got rid of a ton of folks, acquaintances and folks who run in the same circle as folks I know, random Greeks, and folks from high school who I know I would never really speak to or want to spend time with. I don’t want folks all over my page and in my business like that.

  2. discodiva73 says:

    I am ashamed to say, I just don’t even understand the format! I am completely confused. The only thing I really want is Status Updates. So now I am on less than before and only on my phone. I don’t know why they did that. I haven’t purged, just put people on a restricted status….which is probably worse than just defriending! You can tell when you are on limited status.

  3. Clu says:

    I have never purged…I actually feel very close to all 346 of my friends

    I kid…

    But no…my nosiness keeps me from deleting people. I use twitter more than Facebook anyway…I just look at pictures and status updates. If it wasn’t for my phone I wouldn’t log on anymore. Who is FB to tell me what my “top” stories are anyway? What nerve…

  4. Honest says:

    The new format is weird to me. I sometimes don’t have a chance to check Facebook until the evening and I can’t tell what I’ve missed and what I haven’t missed. With the old format I just went down my timeline and it was in order. Now, ehhh. I’m not cleaning house but that’s because I’m not really saying anything much on FB and use it to post articles I find interesting or add pictures. I’m using twitter more for my random thoughts.

  5. MrsTDJ says:

    I’m in agreement with others – the new format is weird and confusing to me. I read some instructions to try to get your timeline back by unchecking all the top stories, but it didn’t work. I’m missing things and I find myself not even wanting to log in. I could purge some folks, but I care less about that than I do about not getting the new format.

  6. cbean says:

    Hate it. Dumped 40 folks. The twitter feed sucks. The one thing I liked about the original format was that none of my friends could see what I posted on another’s page unless they were mutual friends. Now, they can see everything you say to other folks. Again hate it.

  7. K says:

    I’m not sure I quite understand the new format. I don’t have time to figure it out either. I’ve had my fair share of friend purges and I think I’m about due for one soon lol.

  8. Nerd Girl says:

    I don’t particularly care for the new FB – I only check it now so I can wish folks a happy birthday. Way too much crap going on and it’s not sequential any more.

    I know or “know” all of my friends. Except this one chick. And I keep her ’cause she’s pretty darn funny. No clue who she is. I won’t be purging anyone anytime soon.

  9. jamie says:

    i only have 27 friends, ( and 2 of those are doubles), to start with so i can’t afford to purge a soul

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