Silent Treatment

I’m pretty sure Regan and I had our first falling out this morning.  It all started last night when her sitter *coughDISCODIVAcough* failed to feed her dinner.  As you all know, that child is serious about her meals and waking up hungry means a dark cloud of doom over everyone that comes in her presence.

Last night when I got her home from her sitter *coughDISCODIVAcough* I tried in vain to feed her, but at that point she was so tired and cranky it was all I could do to get her a quick bath and in her jammies before she fell asleep.

This morning I walked into her room to wake her and she was standing in her crib looking at me.  I smiled and walked over to her ready for some good morning smoochers and she started screaming and fell out in her bed.  Ooooookay.  I decided to give her a few minutes to fully awaken while I finished getting ready.  No happs.

When I returned 10 minutes later she was still looking like I had stolen her bike.  Not having time for all the drama, I got her out of bed and tried coaxing her into a state of happiness with promises of brushing her teeth, drinking milk and eating.  Not of it worked.  She cried and fussed every step of the way.  Miraculously, I managed to get her dressed and hair combed and downstairs.  I handed her a banana and she seemed content.

We got in the car and I buckled her in.  I took the banana and opened it and she started screaming.  I guess she only wanted to hold the banana not eat it.  So I yelled something to the effect of “here, hold the stupid banana!” and got in the car.

We drove to school in silence.  Me focusing on the wet roads.  Her looking out the window clutching her banana.  When we got out of the car she went inside and didn’t even look back at me.  She walked straight to her teacher and sat down.

Where she promptly began eating a pile of banana bread.

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14 Responses to Silent Treatment

  1. K says:

    Baby girl sounds like she was PISSED.

    (Of course, it’s always funny when it’s not *your* child.)

  2. NaturallyK says:

    Ah, the realities of the mother – daughter relationship….

  3. LOL!!!! This gave me life!!! That’s your child for sure!

  4. CreolePeach says:

    Why am I cracking the hell up!? This is so damn funny to me.

  5. ondrea says:

    Hilarious!!! Regan don’t play about the food. You better teach the sitters!!! LOL

  6. dmac says:

    That was funny….does your mom say “she is JUST like you”?

  7. keyalus says:

    Who has a tantrum first thing in the morning? She’s already doing that holding a grudge thing!

  8. jamie says:

    and thus it begins….. they are called the terrible twos for a reason. enjoy!

  9. missmajestic says:

    Maybe it was that time of the month:)

  10. discodiva73 says:

    You know I have no real food in my house! You should have left 3 square meals for Poopydiapergirl. And then because SOMEONE (coughSuperdadcough) gave her a nap earlier than scheduled, she wouldn’t take a nap! So..when 5 rolled around, she was already testy and tired! I didn’t know what to do…ESPECIALLY since I had to change 2 (YES 2!) poopy diapers! Matter of fact, I probably did you a favor for not feeding her if that is the result.


    Actually she was a pleasure…time away from Mommy Killjoy did her good.

    • MsJamie14 says:

      TeamDiscoDiva! I know what you get paid! Babs should have provided everything you’d need!

      Changing two poopy diapers alone qualifies you for sainthood! 😆

  11. nineteen69 says:

    I love feisty toddlers. LMAO!

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