This weekend I took baby to gymboree for the first time.  I had purchased a groupon a few weeks ago and was excited to finally use it.  As I expected, baby just loved it.  She went crazy running from station to station.  She loved throwing balls, climbing, rolling and going down slides.  It was like her own personal playground.

When the leader for the day called the children to do different things, baby was right there participating.  She rolled the big log thing, she balanced on the oversized balancing thingies and she bounced with the leader.  It was a good time all around.

So why is this titled Rage?

Well, towards the end of the class, we were all seated under the giant parachute.  The parents were seated in a circle and the children were meant to be in the middle.  When we first sat down, I noticed a little boy walk up to Regan and hit her in the face.  He did it very lightly and baby didn’t pay him any attention.  But I did.  I watched him wanting to make sure it didn’t happen again.

About two minutes later that little hooligan walked up to my baby and slapped her in the face.


I don’t know what I yelled, but it was something like “hey, stop!”  The little boy’s dad was sitting next to me and grabbed his son.  Regan just looked at him.

I was sitting there completely enraged.  I felt lightheaded.  I was trying to maintain my composure, but I was sitting there trying to decide how I was going to keep from choking that little boy.

The dad sheepishly apologized and I just nodded and said it was okay.  After that activity was over I ushered Regan away from the little thug and tried to play.  I was still pissed.  The mom came over and apologized.  I  said, “Your son is exhibiting aggressive behaviour because you make him wear his hair like a girl.  He is trying to assert his manhood despite all those ridiculous braids in his hair.”

Okay, I didn’t say that. But I REALLY wanted to.

After class was over the leader came up to me and asked if I was okay.  Apparently, she noticed the rage in my face too and was trying hard to sing songs while watching me not come unhinged.

So I guess in addition to please and thank you, I’m going to have to teach baby some self-defense classes.  At least for the duration of this gymboree class.

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5 Responses to Rage

  1. pserendipity says:

    I know that feeling WELL. And, Aidan is the type of kid that will not hit anyone back because he thinks it isn’t nice. Well…he wouldn’t. Whew. There were some times when I wanted to SNAP on some toddlers.

  2. kim says:

    My baby will be 17 on Friday and I would still become unhinged if that happened. However, as a toddler and up until she was about 10 she was very passive. So much that I was worried that people would take advantage of her. Wrong. She is not a bully and still very easygoing. She makes good choices and has always walked away from brewing issues. I think Regan will be fine. As a mom I definitely identify

  3. Nerd Girl says:

    Didn’t have that problem when she was a itty-bitty but there was a kid in her 4 year old class that slapped my child. Every. Day. She didn’t want to hit him back because it wasn’t Christian, they were friends…whatever. I taught her how to hit. One day at the beginning of class she slapped the snot out of him and we had no more problems out of him. I get pissed just thinking about it again.

  4. This wasn’t the first time their kid had smacked someone! They should have been smacking his ass!!!!!!!!!!

    Is the baby OK? Do I need to catch an Airtran? I will fight a toddler! LOL!!

  5. nineteen69 says:

    “He is trying to assert his manhood despite all those ridiculous braids in his hair. ”
    For that quote alone, I heart you. LMAO!
    I remember this stage of toddler life. Tali 1 was and is a sweet kid and would never hit someone. He’s a lover not a fighter. Tali 2 on the other hand….is *cough* just like his mama.

    I say you put her in karate and begin her ninja training early.

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