The Upgrade

I updated to an iPhone this weekend.  My Blackberry was one drop from being completely janky, so I went ahead and bit the bullet.  Of course I totally love it as I knew I would.  I no longer have to print groupons or text scoutmob deals to myself.  Yes, the iPhone will further allow me to eat my way through Atlanta.

So what apps do you all recommend?  Any hidden gems out there?


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6 Responses to The Upgrade

  1. CityofCyn says:

    Umm the usual, wordpress, FML, slacker, pandora, sparkpeople, yelp, feedler rss, netflix, vlingo, pinterest, photo365, where, wordfeud.

  2. I don’t know who you bank with but BofA and Chase have iPhone apps. Evernote for tasks, Words with Friends, Google Maps/Reader, of course FB/Twitter. Find My Car, Flashlighr (turns your flash into a flashlight that you can control), LinkedIn, Myxer (free ringtones), Camera360/PicPlz (lets you add effects to your photos), Instagram, Trip Advisor

    These are what I have on my phone and there is usually an iPhone version of the same.

  3. Disco Diva says:

    Life is truly grand!

    – for your finances
    – Pandora for music
    – Shazam because its so awesome when you don’t know who is singing a song
    – Fast Food Cal for those Wendy’s burgers and fries!
    – Weight Track if you just like to monitor your weight
    – My fitness Pal
    – Netflix
    – Priority Matrix for to do /task planning
    – Shop list to create your shopping lists
    – Bump to transfer files
    – Birthday list (takes contact info and creates a bday list)
    – Overdrive for library books
    – Vlingo (you can update your twitter status via voice)
    – Find iphone because if your phone is out of your sight for 47 seconds you may literally curl up and die

    Enjoy your iphone!

  4. mzinspiredmind says:

    I need to keep checking this post. I get my iPhone Friday. Yayyyy!

  5. Roses Daughter says:

    Instagram, words with friends, interest, vlingo just to name a few of my favorites

  6. Honest says:

    Love love my iPhone. I also have a scan reader so I can open up those websites when advertisers put up that scanner thing on posters etc.
    -Angry birds
    -fruit ninja
    -Google voice
    -Parking app (for dc)
    -open table (so I can make rezi’s on the spot)
    -wikipedia (cause I gotta know when I need to know)
    -google translate (ya never know when you need to curse a fool out in their language)

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