I was at the mall earlier today with Regan.  We were in one of the children’s stores and I noticed this little boy standing a few feet away staring at baby.  He was clutching a bag of chips and a half-eaten sandwich.  I smiled at him and waved and turned back to looking at sweaters.  When I turned back around he was standing next to Regan in her stroller.

She was eating his sandwich.

I howled!  I snatched the sandwich (which was an Italian sub bt-dubs) and went to find his mother.  She apologized and I just laughed and told her it was okay.  Fernando walked off, although he kept looking back checking for my baby.  I’d say he was quite smitten.

We all made it to the cash register at the same time.  Fernando was standing next to his mother, but he was watching Regan the entire time.  Then, without a word, he walked over to Regan, reached in the potato chip bag, and handed her a chip.  They both watched each other as they ate their chips.  It was the cutest thing!

I surmised that he didn’t speak much English, and he was only about two years old, but he totally found a way to mack on my baby without saying a word.

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17 Responses to Fernando

  1. bapster says:

    lol! get it Foxy!

  2. Roses Daughter says:


  3. discodiva73 says:

    That child knows how to get food 🙂

    You should have taken a pic of them eating the chips!

  4. onefromphilly says:

    Awwww that’s so sweet! It really does start this early with boys.

  5. AR Gal says:

    She got the swag sauce, she drippin’ swagu!

  6. SHA says:

    That little booger!

  7. K says:


    Love through the language of food.

  8. missmajestic says:

    That’s right Foxy, let the boys bring you the chips! So cute to see little kids being generous

  9. V Renee says:

    Cutest story ever! LOL

  10. CC says:

    I just had the best laugh all week! Thank you!

  11. AmyG says:

    The way to foxys heart is through her stomach!!!! I will remember that next time I get to see her 😉

  12. msdrea says:

    He knew how to get to her heart!!! Food.

  13. InnerDiva says:

    I’m too much of a germaphobe…but I think it’s cute that he was smitten enough to share his lunch.

  14. nineteen69 says:

    What girl doesn’t like a guy that will treat her to a meal? Get it Foxy!

  15. Too cute! OnefromPhilly is right. It does start this early for boys. My son has been checking out little girls since he was 2. He’s 6 now and he’s so smitten by one of his teammate’s sister. He is always staring at her. I’m sure I won’t find this cute this in a few years.

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