Transition Tuesday: Final Edition

It’s been one year since I last relaxed my hair.  It’s hard to believe that a year ago today my hair was super straight and I spent 45 minutes with a flat-iron every single day.

November 2010

As I mentioned when I initially began this journey, my decision to stop relaxing my hair was twofold.  First, I was tired of coveting other women’s natural hair.  Second, I wanted to learn how to handle my natural hair so I could learn how to handle my daughter’s as it began to grow.

March 2011

It was about 4 months into my transition when I was given the opportunity to participate in Original Moxie’s 180 Day Challenge.  Up until that point, I was your average product junkie.  Spending my money weekly on various products trying to find what worked.  My go-to style was two-strand strand twist outs on rollers.

May 2011

I was worried that I wouldn’t like the OM products even though I had committed to using them for six months.  Fortunately, I loved the products.  And I do mean loved.  I’ve had people ask me offline what I *really* think about the products I write about, and I have happily shared that I really do love them.  The Intense Quench and Lux Locks are my absolute must haves.

June 2011

Seven months into my transition I took the plunge and did the Big Chop.  I had grown tired of dealing with two textures and was happy to free myself from those overprocessed ends.

August 2011

Since June, I’ve been getting to know my natural hair.  It was so freeing to wear the wash’n’go style all summer long.  I had no worries about humidity, rain, wind or swimming.  I love my hair and wished I had chopped it off years ago!

November 2011

I’d like to thank Rachel at Original Moxie for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 180 Challenge.  Not only did she send me the most amazing hair care products, but she gave me tips and advice as well.

If any of you are considering transitioning to natural hair I encourage you to do so.  Although it can be trying at times, the satisfaction I get from playing with my curls or being stopped by strangers to compliment my hair makes it all worth it.



Necessary Legalities: As a participant in the 180 Challenge, Original Moxie has provided me with hair care products in exchange for writing about my experience.  All opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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5 Responses to Transition Tuesday: Final Edition

  1. K says:

    Oh! Something I’ve been wondering…how will you care for Regan’s hair? Will you encourage her to go the natural hair route or will you see what it looks like flat ironed?

  2. Tazzee says:

    Now that it’s getting cold out, how are you going to style your hair. The wash n go is my go to style but I don’t want to be out with wet hair.

  3. That June 2011 picture is STILL my favorite picture of you! I like the headband look on you. Congratulations on a year!

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