Randomly Speaking

I’d like to thank K.Rock for insulting encouraging me to go to the gym yesterday.


I used an app on my iPod as my workout partner.  I really liked it and plan on using it more.  Today my abs are sore!


My coworker brought these mini oreo cupcakes in today.  They rocked my world.  I wolfed down 3 in a matter of minutes.


This woman is marrying this dude and I feel so sorry for her.  I am certain she doesn’t have the the facts to make such an important move.  Oh well, she’ll find out soon enough.


I will never, as long as I live, understand people without basic home training.


In an effort to save money, I have committed to no eating out and packing lunch this week.  It’s day three and I am totally jonesin for ANYTHING from a drive-thru.


Big changes to my healthcare next year.  Expect some random posts about various tests and procedures before year end.


Can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. MrsTDJ says:

    Share that app woman! I committed to bringing my lunch for the entire month of October. It was hard for the first two weeks, but now I’m good with it and pissed when I leave my lunch bag on the counter at home.

  2. Sherri says:

    What woman? The intern?

  3. K. Rock says:

    I am always available whenever you need that extra push. I keep insults on deck!
    What do you know about the dude that ole girl doesn’t know? You sound like you have the scoop.

  4. Totally agreeing w/ MrsTDJ… PLEASE share such app! I won’t ever understand those w/out basic home training either. For 2012, I’ve decided to stop trying. I have seriously gave myself a headache at marveling over simple folks and their simple ways. I’m done w/ that LOL. I can’t wait for ‘A Riley Family Thanksgiving’ (what my lil cousins have officially dubbed our reality tv-esque family dinner) LOL

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