Baby and I went through it yesterday.  I mean, it was the kinda day where I needed some brown likka to settle my nerves, and I don’t even like brown likka!

It started at the pediatrician’s office.  We went in for her 15 month vaccinations.  Yes, I know she is 17 months, judge me.  So the doctor was behind and we ended up waiting an unusually long time.  Baby got impatient.  And hungry.  And tired.

By the time the shots were being dispensed she was a complete basket case.  The nurse started giving me a speech about the shots to prepare me.  I cut her off and let her know I was cool with whatever she had to do.  I’m not the kind of mom that’s gonna get all weepy just because baby is getting a few shots.

Baby screamed as loud as she ever has as I held her down for her shots.  She could not be consoled.  The whole thing took ten seconds.  I picked her up and cooed in her ear.  She just screamed.  Somehow I managed to get her dressed and in the car.  She gave me the sign for milk.  I kissed her and gave her promises of milk and headed straight for Chick-fil-a.

Once I got in line, I decided that she deserved a treat for being so brave.  So I ordered her a kid’s meal.  Usually, a kids meal for her includes fresh fruit and whole milk, but I went for the whole shebang.  I got her waffle fries and lemonade.  She’s never had her own lemonade before!

The first sip of the nectar of the gods consoled her.  She sat in the back clutching her waffle fry and drink looking victimized.

She was marked as “sensitive” that day at school.  She was pretty weepy at home too.  I managed to feed her a little dinner, but she really just wanted to be in my arms.  So I slipped on my jammies and we snuggled on the couch for a couple of hours.  She wouldn’t let me get up from our snuggles, so I had to forgo dinner. 

I even let her sleep with me last night.  I just wanted my little momma near me.  I presume she started feeling better sometime about 1230am, because she woke me up patting her bare belly saying “bom bom bom” and pointing at my nose, eye, hair, etc.

This morning baby was back to being in a good mood.  Or maybe she was just happy to be sporting some new boots.

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12 Responses to Trauma

  1. Those boots are adorable ! She is growing leaps & bounds. It would have been so hard to hear her scream like that…but what can you do ?

  2. Baby in boots! LOL!!

    That first picture is HEE-LAIR-EE-OUS!!! She looks AGGED!!

    Glad she’s back to normal status, hell who likes getting shots!

  3. Disco diva says:

    New boots would have cheered me up too!!

  4. Roses Daughter says:

    I am not looking forward to Pookahs next visit. He needs the 24 month shots AND the flu shot. SMH.

  5. K says:

    That is sooooo the stink eye in that first picture. Damn.

    I’m glad she’s back to her normal self.

  6. kim says:

    I’m loving the boots!

  7. cbean says:

    She is so adorable with her puffs.

  8. GatorGirl says:

    Hope she’s feeling better! She looks so cute in that outfit.

  9. nineteen69 says:

    Shots are never fun. Boots will always make a girl happy!

  10. AR Gal says:

    New boots=the quicker picker upper!

  11. Gladys says:

    Look at her looking all baby chic!

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