Play Date

Having a child that can communicate is so nice.  Getting an answer when you ask a question.  Letting them have a say in their meals and snacks.  Being told when it’s time for a diaper change rather than having to check.  Yes, it really is great having a child that can communicate clearly.

Unfortunately, my child can’t communicate clearly, but Baby Keyalus can!

Sidebar: I guess it’s time to quit calling him him Baby Keyalus since he is no longer a baby.  I shall henceforth begin calling him Keyalus Junior and reserve the Baby Keyalus moniker for when Keyalus produces another offspring which, by the way, I predict will be no later than November 2012.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to babysit Keyalus Junior for a few hours.  Regan was cheesin’ when she came downstairs and saw him.  They enjoyed their time together tearing my house apart playing and watching seven episodes of Dora which made me want to bash my head through my fancy new television.

For breakfast I made them a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, oatmeal and fresh strawberries.  They both loved their food and Keyalus Junior even asked for seconds!

Later we were sitting on the couch listening to that stupid map song when Regan reached over for no reason and hit Keyalus Junior.  He snitched made me aware of the situation and I promptly put Regan in timeout.  My child is quite the bully it seems.

By the time Keyalus arrived to pick him up, we were all exhausted.  Regan and I both slept for two hours after they left.

I’m glad Regan had a little playmate over, but dude, two kids is a lot of work!

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9 Responses to Play Date

  1. K. Rock says:

    Ha at Baby Keyalus’ face! He looked like he just got a good swat from Regan and he is utterly annoyed.

  2. keyalus says:

    And here I was worried about him hitting your little lady! 🙂 LOL at him “snitching!”

  3. Disco Diva says:

    Keyalus Junior looks so annoyed..and Regan is looking so innocent! She is wrong for that.

  4. Sasha says:

    From Keyalus Junior’s facial expression in the last photo he was READY to go when his mom came. But I had a good laugh at the photos.

  5. t. sheree says:

    Ahh, they are TOO cute! LOL, love the pics!

  6. BK says:

    Love seeing them together!!! that last photo is too cute!

  7. These pictures are EVERYTHING!! And the expressions from Keyalus Jr…LOLOLOL!!!

  8. Roses Daughter says:

    Lol! They look so cute! You are so brave for taking on two toddlers!

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