Back Again

I took baby back to the doctor today.  She was still in a lot of pain (as far as I could tell) and she picked up some congestion and wheezing.  I wanted to have her looked at again before we got on an airplane because, you know, her health comes before anything.  I’d stay here and eat popeye’s chicken before I put her on a plane if the doctor didn’t think it was a good idea.

So at the doctor this morning there was lots of screaming and crying, which led to me crying. The doctor consoled me while I tried to console the baby.  It was all very pathetic, but I’m sure she’s seen it before.  I’m just completely worn out from hearing that baby cry!  And I feel so bad that I can’t make her feel better.

She’s been asking for her pacifier during the day and I have been withholding it from her.  When I mentioned to the doctor that I didn’t know if she was crying because of pain or she just wanted her paci she simply told me to give her the pacifier.  She explained to me that Regan is in a lot of pain- ears, head, throat and if a paci will soothe her than I need to worry about weaning later.  My goal now should be to make her comfortable until she starts to feel better.

She prescribed more meds and gave her a super duper shot in her thigh to knock the infection out.  Of course that led to MORE crying.  Her not me.  I had sucked it up at that point.  We fled the office in search of a paci.  There was no way I was driving home listening to that.

I pulled into the closet drug store, grabbed the baby and ran inside.  I found the pacifiers, pulled one off the shelf, ripped the package open and shoved it in baby’s mouth.  She calmed down immediately.

*huge sigh of relief*

I am really hoping she is feeling some relief after today.  My nerves can’t take much more.

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5 Responses to Back Again

  1. bapster says:

    bless her and your hearts. hope you both feel better soon.

  2. MrsTDJ says:

    Aww, sorry to hear that babygirl is going through it. Sending mommy strength across the miles. I know hard it is to watch them move through sickness and feel helpless. I hope she gets better soon.

  3. Roses Daughter says:

    Poor baby! Poor Mommy! It will get better!

  4. unityfalls says:

    I hope Regan feels better today and you as well.

  5. missmajestic says:

    I’m thinking sucking on the paci will help relieve any fluid/pressure in her ears. I hope you have a smooth flight!

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