You would think I would have done a whole lot of writing last week seeing as how I was home and chilling and had plenty of help with the baby.  Except I didn’t really get any rest.  I spent a lot of time driving back and forth between my grandma’s and my dad’s.  And even though grandparents were on deck to help out, if baby saw me she wanted to talk to me.  My grandma’s house is big, and that little momma still mananged to find me. 

Still, it was a good week.  Kind of bittersweet because my grandma is sick and getting ready to have some pretty life altering surgery.  It was great spending time with everyone.  I had some good conversations with the little sis.  I had a nice daddy-daughter date with my dad.  I met up with Amy G and Lori F for brunch.  And Regan had a playdate with the neighbor kid.

I ate my favorite pizza THREE times.  I even went to my high school’s holiday gala and saw some old teachers and classmates.  It was totally crazy considering I haven’t seen any of them since I was 17.  A few of us went to a bar afterwards and just sat and talked.  It really made me miss my Ohio upbringing.  I was sitting in a bar full of people of different races.  My classmates were Black, White and Jamaican.  There was even a British guy in the mix.  I really miss the diversity of my friends.  I think I’ll reintroduce Operation: Make White Friends in 2012.  I’m also going to add Operation: Make Asian Friends.  I really don’t want Regan to only know Brown faces.

Anyway, so I am back.  Refreshed from time away from the office.  Encouraged by time spent with family and friends.  Ready to finish this year out strong.  Excited about 2012.

How was your holiday?

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4 Responses to Recap

  1. K says:

    Calling it “Operation: Make White Friends” made me laugh really, really hard. That is awesome.

  2. Ames says:

    I am on an Operation to get my daughter brown friends. There are only three black kids in her nanny circle and two of those kids are mine. I have to do a Mother’s Group to get her black playmates that live close enough to visit.

  3. Roses Daughter says:

    “operation make white friends”???? ROFL!!!! I have to use that one!

  4. Holiday was good, family time and lots of eating. Went out a few times with hubs. Best part was my MIL, who had a stroke in October was able to leave her rehab place and come have dinner with us. I was very thankful.

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