Do you have a landline?

If so, do you use it?

Please forgive any spelling errors. My iPhone thinks she’s smarter than me.

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16 Responses to Question

  1. AmyG says:

    Yes and yes! I hate talking on my cell all the time – the radiation talk scares me. Plus, hard to hold the cell…I like to prop a cordless on my shoulder while doing dishes 🙂

  2. LoriF says:

    Yes and no. Originally got when we moved in here because I was working full time & my teen didn’t have a cell then (gasp!) and I wanted her to be able to call me when she got home from school or in case of emergency. My DSL runs thru the line also. Now it’s just the number I give when I have to give one (at the register, forms, etc) but don’t want them calling my cell. It basically only rings for sales calls & voting season.

  3. BK says:

    yes. sometimes. I only have landline because my school district requires it for broadcast messages

  4. cbean says:

    Yes, but I hardly ever use it. I want 911 to know exactly where I am, and google maps still puts me next door. I don’t even have the ringer on and the voicemail is full because I don’t know the password to clear it out and really don’t care to.

  5. sundaze says:

    Yep and I use it all the time. The quality of cell phone reception still isn’t as good or as consistent as a landline.

  6. mzinspiredmind says:

    Yes and yes. Ever since I got the iPhone, I don’t have unlimited EVERYTHING so I do use the house phone to talk to the older folks in my family, that turn off their cellphones after 6pm O_0

  7. Yes and no. It’s really only there for the apocalypse. Only telemarketers have the numbers. It’s expensive too. But the digital phones are no good without power so I keep it.

  8. sayitlikethis says:

    No land line here. It would be nothing more than a glorified answering machine and I LOATHE listening to messages. I have Google Voice on my cell phone so it transcribes the messages left for me. I NEVER listen to voicemails. EVER.

  9. Kurlylicious says:

    No landline here. Initially we had one for our alarm only, but they’re wireless now, so we got rid of it, especially since we never answered it or gave the # out. I’ve only missed it once and that was when we had the Tornado here in AL on April 27th. But when I thought about it, it would’ve been useless, it was a digital phone, we were without power for 3 days, the battery back up would’ve only lasted 8-12 hours. If we ever go back to a landline, I think I might have to go back with Ma Bell.

  10. AR Gal says:

    Yep and I have a good old fashioned phone to plug up if the cordless ones go out in case of an emergency.

  11. NaturallyK says:

    Yes we have a landline. It is only for the alarm. The ringer is off and it is an old fashioned princess phone so no batteries are needed. The only time I use it is to find my cell phone when I’ve misplaced it around the house.

  12. MrsTDJ says:

    Yes, and I only use the land line when I’m home. When I’m in the house, my cell is usually off, or definitely not anywhere close to me.

  13. Gladys says:

    Yes and yes. 2 cordless ones and one that needs no juice (corded). I prefer talking on my landline in the house over my cell. Also, my landline is connected to the front door entry system of my condo building so I can buzz people in.

  14. Rehab says:

    I have a landline (sort of). I use Vonage – tho to say I actually ‘use’ it would be a bit of a stretch. My mother is the only person who ever calls me on it, but it’s way cheaper than having bellsouth and not using it.

  15. I have a landline and only keep it because it’s part of the Uverse package we have and my mama and aunt call me on it.

  16. Coop says:

    Yes (corded and cordless) and yes, but only for local calls. I don’t have a long distance plan on the home phone.

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