19 Months

It occurred to me that I haven’t done a true update on Regan’s development in quite some time, so I thought I’d take a moment to update you all on her.

Two Words- No and Mine.

Yes, she has become quite accustomed to dishing these words out to me. Sometimes in the same breath.  As in “nooooooooo, momma, miiiiiine.”  It’s kinda cute except for when I am trying to get her to do something.  The no thing is quite useful at meal and snack time.  I ask if she wants juice and she says no.  I ask if she wants milk and she says no.  I ask if she wants water and she says “wa-wa”.

I try really hard to respect her decision to use the word no.  I want her to understand that it really does mean something.  So if I ask if she wants yogurt and she says no, I don’t force feed her the yogurt.  I offer her an alternative.

The Mine thing though?  So not having it.  Last night we were leaving the bookstore and she tried to wrestle the car keys out of my hand screaming mine.  I placed her in her carseat and very calmly told her “everything you have is mine, nothing I have is yours.”  And I mean it.  Getting into tug-o-wars in parking lots is not about to be the norm for us.


She can blow her nose.

I don’t know what age children typically start blowing their noses, but Regan has been doing it for a few weeks.  I think it’s pretty awesome and it really helps me to get the boogies out.


Toddler Bed

I removed the side of her crib when we moved and she’s doing…just okay.  At least twice a week we have some sort of situation.  Either she is teetering on the edge of falling out or BOOM! she falls out in the middle of the night.  That baby is too big and sleeps too wild for a toddler bed.  I’ll be moving her to a big girl bed within the next two months.


New School

Regan started a new school this month now that we have moved.  I like the school well enough except I don’t think they feed her enough.  She is used to two meals and three snacks a day and is a voracious eater.  So I find myself carbo loading her in the mornings to compensate for their little meals.  I could switch her to another school that offered an additional snack, but that would cost me an additional $200 a month.  Yeah, no.


Potty Time

The new school introduces the potty at 18 months, so I figured now is as good a time as any.  I’ve set it up in my bathroom and every time I go I offer her the opportunity.  She loves to sit on the potty fully-clothed but not when she’s nakie.  I also got the Elmo Potty Time video.  We need to watch that a few more times.

I’m not rushing her by any means, but if she’s ready then I want to be ready.  And boy wouldn’t I love to quit buying diapers!



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4 Responses to 19 Months

  1. BK says:

    🙂 I love the updates 🙂 I need to write a few of my own LOL She is growing up very nicely!!! Great job mom!

  2. K says:

    “Nakie” made me laugh.

  3. Ah the no and mine debate. I think I’m going to use that saying you said.
    I love the nose blowing! It helps so much!
    And what’s up with these schools not feeding the kids enough?? Pookah practically attacks me when I get him in the car for snacks! Geez

  4. keyalus says:

    Why does my child not blow his nose? He used to do it but seems to have regressed. Sigh. I’m so tired of hearing “My nose! My nose! I need some tissue!”

    I think the schools give less snacks as they get older. When we moved from “Young Toddlers” to “Early Preschool” he started come home ravenous. I think they got more snacks…or maybe they are moving more and burning more energy? I know that if I don’t have pre-dinner snacks in the car, like Rose’s Daughter, I have a meltdown on my hands!

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