Potty Time! Excellent!

Regan and I started a “soft launch” introduction of the potty over the weekend.  I showed her the potty, placed it in my bathroom and every time I would go to the potty I would talk to her.  Things like “mommy is tinkling” or “now mommy is wiping her self” and “now mommy gets to close the lid and flush.”  She loves to flush so I knew this would interest her.

I decided to focus my attention on the first morning tinkle.  When she wakes up, I remove her diaper and take her to the potty.  On the first morning, she left a little tinkle.  Maybe the size of a quarter.  Way to go, baby!  I placed her on my bed so I could put a diaper back on and she finished tinkling all over my sheets.


Last night as we were getting ready for bed (or night-night as we call it) I placed her on the potty again and asked her if she had to tinkle.  This child stood up and pushed me out of the bathroom and shut the door.  A few moments later she called my name.  I went in and she had tinkled…all over the floor.


Still, I cheered her on and told her how proud I was of her. 

This morning, I took her diaper off and took her straight to the potty when she woke up.  She sat on the potty and watched me but no tinkle.  I thought perhaps she wanted some privacy so I stepped out of the bathroom and shut the door.  10 seconds later I heard the potty begin to sing.

My baby went tinkle in the potty!  I was over the moon!  I seriously was whooping it up like we had won the lottery.  Regan showed no excitement.  She just asked for milk.

So it seems that fair Regan has shown and proved she can tinkle in the potty.  I will continue my no pressure approach, but will continue to offer her the opportunity to use the potty every chance I get.

This is so exciting, but a big step in turning my baby into big girl.  I’m in no rush for that.

What age did you introduce the potty to your children?  How long did it take to get them trained?

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11 Responses to Potty Time! Excellent!

  1. Kim says:

    I feel super old, I can’t remember, lol! It helps if daycare is assisting. It wasn’t hard for any of them. None of them ever wet the bed, which I did until I was 8. Your method is pretty good so baby will be fine.

  2. heartdrops says:

    Bless your heart! Go Regan!

  3. AR Gal says:

    Cochise about two weeks…Emma a little longer. LOL! Let me quit. Obviously, I have nothing of real value to contribute to this post other than I really like the title.

  4. K says:

    I am loving how you called it a “soft launch.”

  5. LoriF says:

    Yay for Regan!! With my older, I intro’d the potty at 18m and got progressively more insistent as time went on. She was getting the hang of it but inconsistent at best. I even got to where I offered a couple M&M’s (a seldom received treat she *loved*) for a #2 victory. After reading dozens of articles about potty training, I decided the kid needed to go hard core: I left her without pants or diapers for several hours a day, for about a week. My girl is prissy and *hates* being dirty. Within 2 days, she figured out what needed to happen to keep her legs clean and that was that! She never had a single accident after that 🙂 A week later, she turned two! With Kate, well, we’ve intro’d the potty seat and she sits on it when I go. Recently we’ve started having her sit on it during diaper changes just to get her used to the feel of it. She still seems pretty bewildered by the whole thing so I’m just going to follow her lead for a little bit. I’m still hoping to be done at the 2yr mark though 🙂

  6. keyalus says:

    Lewis has had a potty for almost a year now but I haven’t been diligent in training him. I need to do better with him and I’m thinking about getting him some pullups to wear on the weekend to make the process easier. I make him go before bathtime and he will do it consistently. He even does a little butt naked happy dance (so funny!) when I sing for him for going on the potty. He just won’t tell me when he has to go in advance And I learned at daycare that pooping is usually a whole ‘nother issue. He has never pooped in the pot. One day, we’ll get it together. I’ve heard that boys are generally slower about this sort of thing than girls.

  7. Cyn says:

    I love how she wants her privacy. Too cute.

  8. BK says:

    yay!!!! my daughter started about 18mos and was fully trained by 2yrs.. my son started at 2 but it was much harder.. left him alone and then at 3 he did it with no issues. will be interesting when we go at it with Princess J

    that drop in daycare fee when they are fully potty trained was GREAT incentive with my daughter.. I think my son I was more lax because he was at home with my mom LOL

  9. Rosesdaughter says:

    I casually introduced the potty at 18 months, and now, it’s about 50/50 6 months later. But I think this will be the month.

  10. Heidi says:

    We bought the same potty that cheers/sings when my Daughter goes to the bathroom. She loves hearing the music play. On the down side she has figured out a way to make it sing on her own without going potty.

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