Taunting Me

The Law of Attraction continues to taunt me.  I put a whisper of a thought into the universe and it comes back to me all crooked and distorted.  I am very clear in what I desire and nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.

Sunday night I put the phone number to Regan’s daycare in my phone because I wanted to make sure to answer if they ever call (I’m good for ignoring unrecognized numbers.) 

Monday morning I posted on Facebook my desire for another Snowmageddon so I could be stuck at home and knock some things off my To-Do list.

Monday afternoon, guess what happened?  I got a call from the daycare telling me that Regan’s eye looked red and I needed to come get her to make sure it wasn’t Pink Eye.

So I had to leave work, drive 15 miles to the daycare and then drive like a bat out of hell 25 miles in the opposite direction to get to her pediatrician.  I made it with 5 minutes to spare.  In case you are wondering, I absolutely love Regan’s pediatrician and would never consider changing practices.

As it turns out, she does have pink eye.  So she has to stay home for a couple of days.  Which means I have to stay home with her for a couple of days.

Thanks, Universe.

Except I actually have a ton of work to do and I can’t get anything done because she requires my attention.  She wants to play and eat and cuddle.  I don’t have time for that, I have edits to make for a deliverable this week.  There will be no time to do stuff around the house.  I can get laundry done, but that’s about it.

 When I ask for a seven digit lottery winning or a gainfully employed, handsome goodlooking I get the shaft.  

Thanks, Universe.

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One Response to Taunting Me

  1. Jack says:

    I just got over a week of snow and let me tell you it’s overated, too top that off I got food poisioning on Sunday. My first day back at work was 14hrs, I got home at 7 ate dinner and went to bed. Thank God that Quarter has a nanny on Mondays that walked him three times for me or I’d be worse off today then I am, still tired and only able to eat toast(dry).

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