Strawberries and Cinnamon Sugar Toast

It all started with strawberries.  If they had just let her bring the strawberries into her classroom, I might have continued to blindly hand my child over to the fat kid factory every day.  Imagine a daycare where, instead of focusing on teaching the child and serving nutritious meals, they load them with sugar and keep the tv on.  Yeah, that’s where I’ve been sending my baby for the last four weeks.  But not anymore.

Early last week I was walking baby into the class and was holding her cup of berries.  I always give her some sort of fresh fruit in the mornings because I noted they weren’t serving fresh fruit at all and I was trying to supplement their offerings.  She starts eating it in the car and if she hasn’t finished by the time we arrive than I take it in with her.  The director informed me that no outside food was permitted in the building because of daycare.  Yes, I get that, but I still wanted her to eat every morning before she arrives.  I told the director that I only give her food because I wasn’t happy with their menu.

The director, of course, went on the defensive.  She informed me that the state approved the menu.  Like that was supposed to appease me.  The state is full of fat kids, yo.  I had been avoiding having the discussion because I kinda knew what the end result was and I was trying to give my wallet a break.

I began questioning the menu.  I told her I did not think “cheese toast” was an appropriate breakfast.  For those of you from north of the Mason-Dixon line who, like me, have never heard of such a thing, “cheese toast” is exactly what it sounds like.  A piece of bread with a slice of cheese on it.  Prison food.  Or what I imagine Harriet carried with her on the trip up North.  Why they don’t just put some butter on that bitch and call it grilled cheese I can’t understand.

Next I questioned the juice.  I asked if they were serving 100% juice or juice drink.  She didn’t bat an eye as she told me it was juice drink.  In what reality is it okay to serve children juice drink on a daily basis???  I was furious, but I kept my cool.  I told her I also didn’t like sugar cookies for snacks and told her that Regan was milk and water only from now on.  No juice drink.

I left work and knew I had to start making a plan to get her out of there.  I did reasearch all week long.  I didn’t want to make any rash decisions, so I decided that I would feed her a hearty breakfast every morning and instruct them not to give her any breakfast. 

Friday when I dropped her off I watched the teacher pull out a piece of bread and place it before her.  I commented that she probably would’t eat it because she really isn’t into bread like that.  She casually remarked, “oh the kids love it because it has sugar on it.”

Ya’ll, I almost passed out.  They were feeding my baby cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast.  And nothing else!  I would have snatched my baby up then but I had to get to work and get some things done.  I smiled at the lady and thought to myself: you’ll never see her again after today.

I got to work and went into straight hustle mode.  By the end of the day, I would find her a new daycare. 

The place I decided on is actually the place I had originally planned to place her last month.  I chose the place she is at now because I was saving about $200 a month.  I stopped by for a second tour of the facility and I swear I almost cried.  The place is so obviously better than where she was.  I felt guilty for compromising her learning and nutrition for a couple of hundred of bucks.  This morning was her first day at the new school.  I was worried that she was going to cry and I would have trouble leaving her, but as soon as she saw the other kids eating her all time favorite food (applesauce) she walked right over, pulled out a chair and sat down.

Regan deserves the best and as God as my witness, if I have to work the pole date 80 year old white men cancel cable stop eating out, she will always have the best.

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37 Responses to Strawberries and Cinnamon Sugar Toast

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow. I think you made a good decision.

    80 yr. old man huh? Was somebody watching RHOA last night?? hehe

  2. kimmy says:

    Wow! I remember the days when I paid an arm and a leg for day care. I was always of the mind set that you get what you pay for. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum and it’s like night and day. My friends thought I was crazy for paying so much at that time. But I didn’t care. My kids were well taken care of. Just think of it as temporary. Eventually she’ll move on to kindergarten. I will never forget the day I said never again to the park district summer camp. My child urinated on himself and one of the young workers put his nasty, urine smelling underwear IN HIS LUNCH BAG! GROSS. I complained and they never saw him again. That was the last straw! After that, I paid an arm and a leg for camp and it was worth every penny. LOL

  3. BK says:

    😦 so sad you have to go through this. You are definitely making the right decision.

  4. NaturallyK says:

    Glad you were able to find a better place for her. It is so frustrating how nutrition is viewed in this state. Those billboards don’t seem to be helping anyone. Its sad….

  5. Cyn says:

    I am appalled at their “menu”. You made an awesome decision. Go momma!

  6. Serenity23 says:

    I think with everything, daycare is “you get what you pay for.” I remember Tyler’s teacher quitting the daycare he was in when he was around 1.5 years old. I called her up to find out where she was going b/c i was going to move him too. She actually agreed to watch him at home everyday. I love that lady. I wish she lived here. She definitely did not feed him “healthy” or “organic” meals. It was all “old school country cooking.” he loved it and i didn’t complain. With this next baby, I plan to put “he/she” in a home daycare as well. I think I have more say so in what they do vs. a daycare with lots of kids.

  7. K says:

    I can’t even BELIEVE what they are trying to pass off as nutrition or even as food to toddlers. That is ridiculous and appalling.

    $200 isn’t an amount to sniff at–that’s a lot of money!–but your peace of mind on Regan is worth that and then some.

    I’m glad she’s happy and I’m glad you’re happy.

  8. Glad you moved! Breakfast is important! Sugar toast is not the bizness!

  9. najalimu says:

    That is wild! I get they they might not be so concerned with a necessarily nutritious meal, but I assume they would be opposed to a lot of sugar so the children wouldn’t be hyper?!? Sounds like you made the right move!

  10. Seriously, that sounds like some of the stuff I got at day care, like 30 years ago, when our parents didn’t know any better and kids actually played outside to burn that crap off. With childhood obesity being at epidemic levels right now, you did the right thing.

  11. Sasha says:

    You did the right thing. And as a future dietitian/nutritionist come June I want to cuss that daycare lady out IMMEDIATELY!!! Obviously the menus are not put together and approved by a nutritionist (which I believe is a requirement…maybe just in Florida though). Health and education comes before dollars…or should I say saving dollars in the long run.

  12. discodiva73 says:

    I think its good you moved her. If the standard for food is Sugar Toast…what is the standard for teaching? Cleanliness? Any other daycare concern?

    Now if it was meatloaf…you would have been making an awful decision!

  13. cbean says:

    Okay being childless has slanted my comment cause I am so hollering at Harriet taking cheese toast on her trip up North.

  14. Finding the right daycare is the pits. I thought it would get easier once they were school age. Boy was I wrong. I’m currently not happy with O’s current elementary public school and I’m looking at charter schools for the next school year.

  15. ames says:

    A lot of the early childhood centers/private elementary schools here outsource. They use a healthy hot lunch catering company. Parents log on and order meals in advance. The hot lunch is not included in the price of tuition. The schools allow parents to pack lunch as well (peanut free).

    More parents need to protest that school’s meal plan. Those children are being turned into sugar addicts.

  16. heartdrops says:

    “Why they don’t just put some butter on that bitch and call it grilled cheese I can’t understand.”
    *DEAD* I can’t!
    Ya need to report that day care center to Michelle Obama! I’m so glad you’re making sure Regan is healthy!

  17. innerdiva says:

    Cheese toast? Juice drink? That’s horrible! I’m on the search up here and passed a daycare that had a huge empty pudding box in the trash…Quality care is hard to find, and expensive too. I’m glad you found a place that gives actual food instead of pure sugar.

  18. SimplyB says:

    I transitioned from a home daycare to a center in January. I went from having total control over all her meals, snacks and drinks, to looking at the menu and telling them not to feed her certain things. I have to keep healthy snacks on me at all times and on the weekends the poor girl mainly has veggies. It sucks.

    I’m glad you did the right thing and took her out. Once I get my money right I believe I will be doing the same thing!

  19. dmac says:

    I remember the day care woes well. Like somebody else said, it doesn’t get any easier when they enter regular school. I know you’ll be on it though!

  20. nineteen69 says:

    WOW. Just wow. So glad you made the decision to move her. It costs more now but not having to help pay for her future Jenny Craig, diabetes medication and Blood pressure treatments is surely worth it in the long run.

    Sugar toast? Really?

  21. onefromphilly says:


    I almost lost it just reading this. I never even let my child have cold cereal until he was 5. As a Mother who would take her child out of a school in the middle or near the end of a school year if I was unhappy, I applaude you!

  22. theorist says:

    baby.comes.first. way to go babs!

  23. Honest says:

    Damn! Glad you moved her. I can’t imagine what they’re feeding her at lunch and as a snack. Those poor babies. That sugar addiction is real…as a sugar addict I know.

  24. MrsTDJ says:

    Glad you were on alert and moved her!

  25. ondrea says:

    I remember these days. One of the hardest tasks is finding the right childcare for your child so you can go to work without worrying. Notice I said ONE of the hardest tasks.

  26. missalid says:

    Wow, creating little sugar addicts while still in the crib! Good job at getting Regan out of that place and into another daycare more civilized and better for her.

  27. Only the best for your baby. Glad you can have peace of mind. It is crazy how dismissive some of these “child care center” employees are when it comes to dealing with parents concerns. I just don’t see how you can stay in business with that type of attitude.

  28. jameil says:

    Good job mommy! Don’t feel guilty anymore. You took her out of that situation! Cheese toast brought back horrific childhood memories. My mom would toast bread, then melt the cheese in the microwave. Soggy toast with melted Kraft single. I always hated it. The day I threw it up immediately was the day we didn’t eat that anymore. I still can’t look at that disgusting cheese (velveeta either) or think of cheese toast without gagging. Telling this story is FUHREAKING me out!! My mom was ordinarily a great cook who served us highly nutritious meals. IDK WHERE she got this one. Horrid. (I read your crossed out section really quickly and thought it said dance on the pole until you’re 80! LOLOLOL)

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